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A benchtop Bain Marie is the ideal equipment for keeping huge amounts of pre-cooked food warm for longer periods. The commercial Roband Bain Marie available at Snowmaster is designed to provide reliable and consistent heating, keeping the food warmed at a precise temperature. Shop from our exclusive Roband Bain Marie collection.

Bain Marie is the most demanded commercial kitchen product in Australia. The contents are usually held in stainless steel gastronorm pans. Select a bain marie according to your restaurant meal service and replace pans which are running low. Are you confused about choosing wet or dry heat for your Roband bain marie? Wet heat bain maries reduces the risk of food burning or sticking to the pan bottom, and the steam moisture prevents the food from quickly drying out. A bain marie using dry heat warms up faster, as is perfect for mobile caterers. Roband bain marie for sale is designed to hold food at serving temperature. You can counter mount them or use with a trolley to hold in place. Roband bain marie price is worth it’s quality. This equipment is designed to accommodate pans available from Roband, Australia. Please note that other brands of pans may fit, this is not guaranteed due to variations in other manufacturer’s pans.