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A commercial chicken rotisserie will cook your chicken quickly and consistently every single time. We have benchtop and freestanding chicken cookers for sale, so if you need a chicken oven for your restaurant, look no further. Choose from quality catering equipment brands for your chicken oven, like Austheat, Roband, Semak and FED.

Popular Choices

One of our top sellers is the Roband Counter Rotisserie (R10). Measuring in at 1185 (W) x 360 (D) x 675 (H) and with a power rating of 3650 watts, this model can cook up to 10 #18 chickens. It features thermostat control, twin glass doors and has separate spit controls for easy cooking. The doors on the Roband are removable for easy cleaning.

Another popular choice is the Semak Free Standing Rotisserie (D24). Larger than the Roband, this model measures in at 1065 (W) x 735 (D) x 800 (H) and has a power rating of 10.5 kilowatts. The Semak can cook up to 24 #12 chickens, has digital controls, a glass door and separate spit controls. The door on the Semak is removable for easy cleaning.

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