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Store and dry your meat, cheese or salami in a dry aging cabinet available at Snowmaster. A dry aging cabinet uses a process that provides added value to the product. These cabinets keep the foods in a very precise set of conditions of cold, humidity and ventilation for a certain amount of time.

A dry aging cabinet is used to dry meat, cheese and salami. During meat maturation, meat is evolving, softening its texture while its flavour gets focused. This allows the meat shops to sell the meat at a price higher than the original, increasing the business profits. A dry aging display cabinet increases the value of each product like meat, salami, and cheese stored inside. These cabinets are available at Snowmaster which are matured longer period in which the air humidity, air circulation and temperature controlled. As a result, this helps the moisture in the meat muscle tissue is vaporized, and is degraded by its natural enzymes. The meat feels hard and dry and turns black. Checkout our exclusive range of commercial food preparation equipment here.