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Discover the perfect commercial glass washer for your hospitality business, whether it's a bar, club, hotel, or café. Browse through Australia's top selection of commercial bar glass washer machine for sale online and save. You're sure to find the perfect fit with options for both benchtop and under-bench washing models. Our range of commercial glass washers has been trusted since 1945.

Commercial glass washers for Bar.

Glasswashers designed for commercial use are meant explicitly for washing large quantities of glassware. These machines are not suitable for washing pots, plates, and cutlery. The Glass Washer in your bar or restaurant operates at precise speeds and temperatures to ensure that your glasses emerge clean and sanitized at the end of the rinse cycle. Unlike traditional dishwashers, these units are uniquely designed with greater interior clearance and can accommodate specialty glassware like wine and martini glasses. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or café, a commercial glass washer for sale will meet your cleaning and sanitizing needs. These machines are available in various heights, widths, and depths with multiple styles, including front-loading, hood, and conveyor. Finding a model that fits perfectly is easy. With industrial glass washers, you can save time and effort and ensure your staff can keep up with customer orders even during rush hour. The machine minimizes their labour by a great deal.

Why you need a Commercial Glass Washer.

As a customer, receiving a dirty glass or cutlery at a restaurant, cafe, or bar can be a huge letdown. It’s never intentional, but the consequences can be brutal. As a business owner, you should be aware that negative experiences spread fast through social media and online review sites, potentially undoing all the goodwill and rapport you’ve built with customers over time. In a busy kitchen or cafe, it simply needs to be more practical to wash and polish glasses by hand when balancing high glassware volumes. Thankfully, glass washers have provided businesses with an effective way to manage the continuous turnover of glassware without getting bogged down in the mundane task of checking every glass for cleanliness. By investing in a glass washer, your business can consistently deliver clean and polished mirrors to customers, avoiding any potential negative impact on your reputation.

How you can benefit from a Commercial Glass Washer.

Are you looking for a way to wash high volumes of glassware quickly and hygienically? Look no further than Snowmaster’ s glass washers. Our easy-to-use machines produce spot-free results every time, ensuring that your glasses meet strict hygiene standards set by the NSW Food Regulation Act 1997. Plus, our glass washers are energy- and water-efficient, reducing accidental breakages from manual washing. With various sizes and models available, Snowmaster has the perfect glass washer to suit your business needs. And with our 2-year parts and labour warranty on all Australian-manufactured machines, you can trust that your investment is protected. Contact one of our consultants today to find the perfect glass washer for your business.

Dishwashers’ vs Glass Washer Commercial.

When running a kitchen or bar, it’s important to understand the differences between dishwashers and glasswashers. While both are essential, commercial glass washers are designed to be gentler on delicate glassware than their dishwasher counterparts. Temperature control is also a key factor, with glasswashers operating at a lower temperature range for washing and rinsing. A commercial glasswasher can clean a whole basket of glasses in just 60 seconds, making it a more time-efficient option than a dishwasher. Plus, the quick turnaround time reduces the risk of damage to your valuable glassware.

What to look for in a commercial glass washer machine.

These days, it’s rare to find a bar, club, pub, or restaurant that doesn’t use a commercial glass washer. While some operators still hand wash glasses, most establishments rely on old, inefficient machines that are no longer effective. To ensure that your bar staff can effectively clean, your glass washer should benefit your operation and be dependable. Purchasing a commercial glasswasher can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of 7 essential factors to consider, Hygiene & sanitation, Size & capacity, Ease & speed of use, Noise, Cost, Energy & consumption, Warranty & back up service.

1/ Hygiene & Sanitation
In these unprecedented times, hygiene standards have become a top priority for customers and industry standards agencies. When used with high-quality chemicals approved by the supplier, the most efficient commercial glass washers can effectively clean and sanitize glassware. This ensures that not only does the glassware look great, but it is also entirely safe for use.

2/ Size & Capacity
When it comes to glass washers, they are typically designed to be positioned behind a bar, making undercounter siting the most common option. However, for locations like hotels and conference centres that process a high volume of glasses, a larger passthrough model with sufficient space for both soiled and clean glasses nearby would be more beneficial. Deciding on the right size and ideal location for a new machine can be daunting. Still, our guide on the Types and Sizes of Commercial Dishwashers can provide additional information to assist you in making an informed decision.

3/ Ease & Speed of Use.
Commercial glass washers are the go-to solution for a range of cleaning needs. What sets these glass washers apart is their ability to offer multiple programs to cater to different wash requirements. These programs include heavily soiled, rapid-wash, and delicate items. With intuitive controls, energy efficiency is maximized, and self-diagnostic features enable operators to detect and resolve minor problems before they escalate. A wash cycle typically lasts between 1 and 3 minutes, so it is essential to have dedicated storage for soiled and cleaned items to maximize the machine’s capabilities, especially in a busy environment.

4/ Noise.
When choosing a glass washer, it’s essential to consider noise levels. While all machines make noise, some are louder than others. If your glass washer will be in a front-of-house setting, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the atmosphere you’re trying to create is crucial. The best commercial glass washers are double-skinned and provide insulation to minimize disturbance from noise and heat. You should always check the decibel levels of any machine you’re considering and do your research to understand what that means. For example, our Advantage glass washers have a decibel rating of 58, which is equivalent to the sound of gentle rainfall.

5/ Cost
When purchasing a commercial glass washer, compromising quality can be costly. Opting for a cheaper machine based solely on its lower price tag can lead to smeary glasses, dull crockery, frequent breakdowns, and long waits for expensive repairs. In addition, older-style folded stainless steel wash tanks can accumulate debris and bacteria, whereas newer-style moulded stainless steel wash tanks are designed to minimize such build-up. While it may be tempting to skimp on costs initially, most suppliers offer affordable financing options for their products. Investing in the best commercial glass washer that fits within your budget is well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable machine that will consistently produce the results you need.

6/ Energy Consumption
Investing in energy-saving equipment can be a smart way to save money. Using less energy can reduce the cost of running your equipment. Additionally, reducing energy consumption can have a positive impact on the environment. The best ones utilize technology that can reduce both water and energy consumption when it comes to commercial glass washers. This can help to minimize your carbon footprint. But energy-saving equipment can also have other benefits. For example, it can create a more relaxed working environment. Well-specified glass washers often have high insulation levels, which helps keep heat inside the machine. Some of the best commercial glass washers even use the heat generated during a wash cycle to reduce energy consumption further. Clever designs like shallow wash tanks and rinse water reuse can also help save water. Investing in energy-saving equipment can be a smart choice for your business.

7/ Warranty & Back up service
When purchasing a machine, checking the warranty and level of aftercare available is always important. This will ensure that any potential breakdowns will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Ask your supplier for recommendations so you can have a better understanding of their efficiency. Our company takes great pride in our service and aftercare, and we have a team of engineers nationwide who carry spare parts to maximize a quick fix. Most of our breakdown calls are completed on the same day they are logged, but if we cannot attend on the same day, we guarantee we will be there within 48 hours.


The worlds most trusted brands in commercial glass washers for bars and catering operators:  Eswood, Washtech, Adler, FED, Classeq.


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