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Commercial glass washers to suit a range of hospitality operations including Bars, Clubs, Hotels and Cafes. Looking for a new Benchtop Glass Washer or Under Bench Glass Washer? Browse Australia's largest range of Commercial Glasswashers & Bar Glass Washers online or Visit our Sydney showroom. Est 1945.

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Commercial glass washers for bars and restaurants

Looking for a commercial Glass Washer for your Bar, Club or Cafe?   Snowmaster distributes a premium range of Glasswashers and is Australia’s best-known supplier of reliable catering equipment.

If you’re close to Sydney, pay a visit to our beautiful showroom and chat in person to our sales team — we all have a solid background in commercial cookery as well as technical expertise. But in the meantime check out our online store for:


  • Undercounter glass washers — create the perfect workflow in your bar or commercial kitchen with an Undercounter Glass Washer. Choose from a range of compact and quiet units featuring multi-cycle, eco power, and low hot water consumption.
  • Glasswasher/Dishwasher combo units — for optimum flexibility try a combo unit which safely washes both glasses and plates. Choose from a range of insulated stainless steel models with enhanced filtration systems.
  • Benchtop glasswashers — ideal for bars, cellars and kitchens with limited space. Choose from our range of fully automatic units with easy pushbutton controls.

REMEMBER: Snowmaster also stock a full range of commercial dishwashers, including conveyor dishwashers, pass through units, utensil and pot washers, and Warewashers.

What to look for in a commercial Glass Washer

Commercial glass washers (as the name suggests) are designed to wash large volumes of glassware — they are not designed for washing pots, plates, and cutlery. The Glass Washer in your bar or restaurant operates at precise speeds and temperatures to ensure that your glasses emerge at the end of the rinse cycle:

  • Clean and sparkling.
  • Undamaged
  • Safe for your patrons to use.

When choosing a Glass Washer always ask our sales team about: water consumption, temperature range, water pressure, insulation, machine noise, available space, detergent and rinse aid systems, eco power options — and how the unit will sync with your other commercial kitchen equipment.


The worlds most trusted brands in commercial glass washers for bars and catering operators:  Eswood, Washtech, Adler, FED, Classeq.


Enquire now

What do you need? Commercial glass washer for your bar? Dishwasher/glasswasher combo unit for your coffee shop? Not sure? Get in touch with our expert team here at Snowmaster — we are online 24/7 to answer your queries and help you choose the right glasswashing equipment. Call 02 9799 9911 or email [email protected], we are here right now.