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If you’re looking for a commercial Pasta or Noodle Cooker, then you’ve come at the right page. Snowmaster deals in a huge range of Asian cooking food equipment range like a commercial wok burner, pasta cooker, noodle cooker, dim sum steamer, teppanyaki plate and more. Check out our complete collection of pasta noodle cookers below.

Our commercial pasta noodle cooker at Snowmaster comes with a number of convenient features like automatic basket lifters, electronic timer controls, and drain valves that carry away excess water and starch. Make your job easier with our range of pasta machines and noodle makers and cookers. Serve your guests faster than ever with our great selection of pasta cookers sourced from Brands like Cobra, Goldstein, LKK, Roband, and Waldorf. A commercial pasta cooker uses both gas heat and/or electric elements to boil water and cook any type of pasta noodle to perfection every time. Whether you have a small or large amount of kitchen space, choose a pasta cooker for commercial use that will suit your needs. Choose from gas or electric pasta cookers with either one or two compartments. You can also cook your rice in a paste noodle cooker. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. We also offer commercial wok range so that you can cook your Asian cuisine easily, and safely. Shop online and save.