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Looking for powerful cooking equipment for your food establishment in Australia? Our Cobra cooking equipment range at Snowmaster is the solution for those commercial catering businesses who demand reliability and capability. Cobra is known for its stylish, powerful, and versatile range of cooking equipment units. Whether you own a fancy diner, fusion restaurant, casual cafe, or food truck, Cobra offers functionality and flexibility with each equipment unit.

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Improved and Versatile Commercial Catering Units

Cobra offers a wide range of cooking equipment with refined robust controls, contemporary vitreous enamel control panel and heavy-duty construction, all available at the best price. Cobra now provides Western cooking appliances like new bench models for Cobra commercial cooktops and Cobra barbecues that are perfect for any commercial kitchens. Do you own an Asian food restaurant? Checkout Cobra Asian cooking equipment at Snowmaster.

Cobra Product Range at Snowmaster

Snowmaster offers a wide range of commercial cooking equipment in Australia available at the best prices. Our products guarantee quality and durability. Have a look at our range of Cobra cooking equipment below:

Gas Cooktops / Gas Griddles

Snowmaster offers 600mm and 900mm Cobra cooktops that have been designed to meet every standard in any busy commercial kitchen. Cobra gas griddle allows the heat to be left on. Add a greater degree of flexibility by fitting a gas cooktop or gas griddle in your restaurant’s kitchen.

Gas Range Static Ovens

Cobra gas range static oven at Snowmaster is durable, dependable and adaptable. The equipment has a generous gastronorm capacity with high crown height; hence this oven can consistently deliver any volume required.

Gas Barbecue

Cobra gas burners have powerful 33MJ cast iron burners that allow them to produce a branded finish for visual appeal and taste. Cobra barbecues are available in 600 and 900mm widths with new bench model versions available. Choose a floor-standing model for additional storage with an open cabinet base under.

Gas Salamander

Are you looking for equipment that can help you in melting, grilling or toasting? Cobra salamander at Snowmaster is what you are looking for. You can easily place it on a bench or wall-mounted to save some valuable working bench space.

Gas Waterless Woks

Cobra waterless woks offer a robust, long-lasting surface because if their welded full-frame chassis construction with a double skin wok deck. The best thing about Cobra works is these units do not require any water to cool the wok deck, hence increasing energy efficiency and reducing steam.

Gas Waterless Stockpot

Gas waterless stockpots sourced from Cobra is designed for maximum efficiency and minimum effort. These units ergonomically designed, allowing for stockpots to hold up to 150L of stock.

Single Pan Gas Noodle Cooker & Pasta Cooker

The Cobra noodle and pasta cooker at Snowmaster are specially designed for rush hours. These units are fully modular and feature a unique stainless steel pan design. The units come well equipped for the continuous production of perfect noodle and pasta.

Single Pan Gas Fryer

Cobra pan gas fryer has been carefully designed to offer the highest level of performance with its impressive 90MJ burner system. This commercial deep fryer available at Snowmaster has an effective cool zone that guarantees oil longevity, high efficiency, and is easy to clean.

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