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LKK is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and affordable commercial catering equipment. Their extensive range of catering equipment consists of commercial gas cooking equipment, stainless steel benching, extraction canopies, grease converters, shelving, and hot food displays. Established in 2011, LKK offers the best food equipment to commercial catering businesses and food establishment in Australia and New Zealand.

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LKK Range of Products at Snowmaster

Commercial Cooktops

A commercial cooktop is one of the most important cooking equipment as it allows you to cook anything and everything without using as much energy. Our LKK cooktops are available in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find one that meets your establishment’s needs. Choose from combination cooktops to countertops and burner style cooktops. You can select from gas burners or electric hot plate options that can be placed on top of your countertop for easy mobility. We have units with one or more burners to accommodate the amount of cooking you require to do.

Commercial Char Grill

LKK commercial char grillers available at Snowmaster can help you prepare a variety of foods, like grill sandwiches, tortilla presses, charbroilers, or griddles. Shop for the perfect commercial chargrill for your establishment from our range of LKK chargrills.

Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers are designed to quickly heat cooking oil for deep frying foods. Investing in LKK deep fryer is a fantastic way to maximise space and minimise cost. Our range of LKK deep fryers are fully portable, give you the benefits of a freestanding model, and is perfect for smaller cafes or restaurants with short order requirements. Commercial deep fryers are operated with electricity and suited to smaller foodservice frying applications only.

Stockpot Burners

LKK stock pot burners available at Snowmaster are designed to withstand the heavyweight of cookware while heating large amounts of liquids in your commercial kitchen. Our range of LKK stockpot burners is equipped with heavy-duty features including long-lasting cast iron top grates and fully adjustable burner controls. Increase your cooking output with our double burner stock pot ranges. You can also buy electric and gas varieties.

Commercial Hot Plates

A commercial hot plate allows you to cook a huge variety of food for a restaurant or cafe. LKK gas hot plates and electric hot plates are available at Snowmaster. Commercial gas burners are cheaper to operate, and are more powerful and heat fast. Commercial electric hot plates are perfect for occasional use. These plates are also operated by electricity which produces less ambient heat and thus, keeps your kitchen cooler.

Commercial Teppanyaki Plates

A commercial teppanyaki plate is designed with the heating element set in the centre of the griddle so food can cook in the centre, and warm on the sides. Our LKK Teppanyaki griddles are made to adjust with your countertop so customers can watch your chef prepare their meals. Cook huge quality of meats and seafood or warm rice, noodles and vegetables on our Teppanyaki griddle.

Commercial Pasta Noodle Cooker

LKK commercial pasta noodle cooker at Snowmaster comes with automatic basket lifters, electronic timer controls, and drain valves. Cook tastiest pasta and noodles with our great selection of pasta cookers sourced from LKK. A commercial pasta cooker uses both gas heat and/or electric elements to boil water and cook any type of pasta. The best thing about LKK pasta noodle cooker is that you can cook your rice in this unit.

Snowmaster is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Don’t forget to check out our wok range so that you can cool your Asian cuisine easily, and safely.