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A commercial conveyor pizza oven often called a conveyor oven, is the heart of any pizza shop. We have commercial pizza ovens for sale in both electric and gas varieties. The right model for you will depend on the amount of traffic your pizza shop sees. At Snowmaster we stock commercial catering equipment from top brands Middleby Marshall, Lincoln and Anvil.

Popular Choices

One of our top sellers is the Anvil Apex Conveyor Pizza Oven (POK0003). Measuring in at 1499 (W) x 674 (D) x 435 (H) and with a power rating of 6300 watts, this pizza oven has digital controls, a 350-millimetre wide belt and a height clearance of 70 millimetres. The maximum temperature of this oven is 300 degrees celsius.

Another popular choice is the Middleby Marshall Counter Model Conveyor Oven (PS520E1). Measuring in at 965 (W) x 1075 (D) x 536 (H) and with a power rating of 8.3 kilowatts, this electric conveyor oven will suit a small countertop. It has a 1-inch belt, a 20-inch chamber and can cook 27 11 inch pizzas per hour.

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