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Are you looking for commercial wok burner for your Asian quinine restaurant? Whether you require a single burner or multiple burners, Snowmaster Chinese wok burners and wok stoves make it simple to create delicious soups and stir fry dishes for your guests.

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Buy commercial wok burners at Snowmaster. Cook everything from stir fry dishes to sweet and savoury sauces with our Goldstein, LKK, and Cobra wok burners. These ranges are ideal for those restaurant kitchens which have space issues and need to sauté veggies and meat. With countertop, drop-in, and freestanding wok burner options, you can find wok ranges and burners for any size and style based on your kitchen requirement. Additionally, Snowmaster offers various induction wok ranges for buffets, cruise ships, and banquet halls that want to set up display cooking stations.