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Invest in a pizza dough former for your restaurant, cafeteria, or pizzeria so you can flatten the dough into perfect circles. Pizza dough formers at Snowmaster will save you time because you won't have to spin dough by hand to stretch it out. Buy now from Snowmaster.

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Pizza dough formers available at Snowmaster are easy to use. Simply fill the plates with a ball of dough, and push down the lever to flatten it. You can also buy automatic pizza presses that flatten the dough for you. Pizzerias and restaurants love investing in a dough press because it will save time as the unit prepare pizzas of all sizes. These Pizza dough formers feature circular metal plates that compress balls of pizza dough, flattening them into any diameter you require. You can choose from manual options with pull-down levers or buy an automatic model that produce flat dough even faster. Both designs are simple in their construction, making them easy for anyone to operate and give faster results. When you buy a pizza dough former, you save yourself from rolling out or spinning dough by hand, which will save you valuable prep time. Your pizzas and pies will be more consistent in thickness and diameter, which will make your food look more professional. Browse through our other pizza equipment: pizza ovens & pizza dough rollers.