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Are you looking for dough dividers for your kitchen? Snowmaster offers a huge range of commercial dough divider which you can use for pizzas, bread and more. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom today.

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Our range of dough divider at Snowmaster is perfect for preparing full pizzas, bread, and more. Snowmaster dough divider is an excellent product to use since it makes sure you can give your customers the foods they love in the ideal sizes. The best thing about this product is that many of these dough dividers are just the right size to fit on your countertop, so you can enhance your kitchen’s output without taking up precious floor space. Snowmaster dough divider make it easy to divide consistent amounts of dough so that each pizza or roll will be the same size as the next one. Dough dividers are necessities for food establishments like pizzerias, bakeries, and other businesses that require perfectly-portioned dough for their most popular foods. These dividers are constructed with a simple system of blades controlled by an overhead lever that divides the dough as you press. You can also find electrical options that cut automatically, so you can keep up with high demand.