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Turbofan ovens are preferred by thousands of food establishment owners across the country. The company design and produce a high-quality commercial oven range and proofing and holding cabinet range that is suitable for commercial kitchens of all sizes. With the advancement in technology and kitchen trends, the brand has redesigned, redeveloped and reproduced a durable range of convection ovens. These units are easy to use, consume less space, and saves time. Whether you run a café, bakery, convenience store, or multi-cuisine restaurant, Turbofan makes sure your cooking process becomes easier and your product better.

Snowmaster offers an efficient range of commercial convection ovens sourced from Turbofan at affordable prices. You can use these oven units for roasting, cooking, holding, steaming, baking, proofing, and regeneration.

Why choose a convection oven for your commercial kitchen?

Unlike your regular oven, a convection oven includes a fully functioning fan and exhaust system that circulate hot air inside the cavity of the oven, eliminating any hot and cool spot, and helping food to cook evenly and faster. Not to forget the fan and exhaust system in a convection oven unit minimise the amount of moisture, helping foods to get a crispy texture, and brown colour on the outside while juicy texture on the inside. Many convection oven units come with a third heating element – true convection.

A convection oven allows you to evenly bake and heat your food. The food requires less rotation, browns quicker, and gets a crispy texture. Convection units come with a faster baking and roasting feature. The oven has a quick preheating system and can easily cook multiple foods at once.

Commercial Convection Oven

You can easily cook a large amount of food without cutting on the quality with the help of a commercial convection oven. Bake bread, cakes, muffins, and other food items consistently in our Turbofan convection oven. When you cook meats in this unit, the food turns out to be evenly cooked and remain tender and juicy. Convection ovens are the best investment for any food establishment that serves quality food to their customs. The units circulate hot air around the food inside the oven cavity to create a steady temperature and eliminate cold air space around food, making it heat faster.

Provers & Holding Cabinets

Invest in top-grade provers and holding cabinets sourced from the industry expert – Turbofan. Right from soup wells to steam tables, drawer warmers to heat lamps, find the perfect food proofing and holding equipment you need for your commercial kitchen. Snowmaster brings you the best range of commercial food warming units for cooked food and refrigerated equipment for storing perishable products. You can easily regulate the temperature of food with our provers and holding cabinets that have a manual temperature control feature. These cabinets keep prepared food and ingredients warm and fresh for days. Just slide in sheet trays into a holding and proofing cabinet, and your food is fresh for days.