10 Best Commercial Drinks Display Fridges

10 Best Commercial Drinks Display Fridges

Whether you operate a corner store, a hardware store, or a restaurant, a display fridge is a great way to offer customers a nice cold beverage as a little something extra.

But not all commercial display fridges are the same. There are the smaller uprights that can fit in smaller areas, or the large two- or three-door chillers with higher capacities.

So let’s take a look at ten of the best commercial drinks display fridges you can get.

1. Atosa P380WA

This single-door display fridge is perfect for showing off energy drinks, sodas, or even pre-packaged foods.

The unit’s single section configuration is designed to take up only a small amount of space, making this an excellent beverage refrigerator for restaurants and markets. The Atosa P380WA comes with a digital control panel with LED display, and auto defrost so customers can have a clear look at the display fridge’s contents.

2. Bromic GM0220

The Bromic GM0220 upright display chiller is one of the best display refrigerators on the market.

The unit features high-quality LED lighting to ensure the fridge’s contents are given the most visibility. Best of all, the Bromic GM0220 is highly economical, which reduces power consumption and thereby lowers its overall day-to-day cost.

It also has a stylish and attractive silver casing, with a white-coloured interior to offset the drinks and food products. For longevity and efficiency, it’s hard to beat this hardworking paragon of display refrigeration.

3. FED LG-580GE

This glass door fridge from Federal Hospitality Equipment (FED) is a larger unit, with a 580-litre capacity.

This fridge also features double self-closing doors, with glazing tempered glass for full visibility of the display fridge’s contents. Interior LED lights provide bright illumination, and adjustable shelves allow you to display a wide variety of drinks and pre-packaged foods.

4. Polar GJ448-A

This high-capacity, double-door commercial display fridge is just what’s needed to advertise your highest-selling drinks.

With a capacity of 490 litres, this drinks-only fridge has the space to store a good complement of your beverage inventory. Plus, it takes up a fairly small overall footprint, so your options for placing the fridge in a convenient location are pretty varied.

The Polar GJ448-A has plenty of additional selling points. Its eight adjustable shelves allow you to arrange the interior to store different drink types and sizes. The digital temperature controls are foolproof, and the automatic defrost keeps your merchandise displayed to greatest advantage at all times.

5. Bromic GM0300 RETRO

This upright display chiller from Bromic is a blast from the past.

Its retro design is meant to evoke the classic display fridges of yesteryear. And even if you’re not into the whole retro thing, the design is sleek and attractive in its own right.

The unit is sure to attract attention with its black casing and green-coloured interior lighting. It also upgrades the classic display fridge with modern-day improvements to efficiency and overall longevity.

6. Skipio SGM-18

Skipio’s SGM-18 unit is a wonderful display refrigerator for whatever assortment of drinks and beverages you have for sale.

Its double-layered tempered glass, self-closing door lets customers see what’s on display and prevents the escape of any refrigerated air. The fridge’s high-efficiency refrigeration system keeps the interior temps within a range of 1-8 °C.

And with its white powder-coated steel casing, the Skipio SGM-18 presents a professional and attractive look.

7. FED LG-1203GE

Now, if you’re looking for a commercial display fridge with a somewhat larger capacity, this unit is just what you need.

This drink fridge comes with three, self-closing glass display doors. Its digital temperature controller lets you adjust the interior temperature within the unit’s range of 2-8 °C. The lighted canopy and vertical fluorescent lamp ensure your merchandise is displayed to best advantage, and the fridge’s twelve shelves can be easily adjusted for different types of beverages.

8. Skipio SRT45-2G

The Skipio SRT45-2G represents just about the pinnacle of high-tech drink display fridges.

With a capacity of 1215 litres, you’ll be able to offer a wide variety of different drinks. Plus, with a wide profile, this unit is designed to be as efficient as possible, while taking up as little space as possible.

Its highly efficient and economical refrigeration system keeps your merchandise nice and cool, with as little impact on energy costs as you can expect from such a high-quality unit.

Best of all, its digital controls are easy to use so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature.

9. Bromic GM0440L

This sleek, economical, futuristic upright display fridge is both efficient and stylish.

Displaying your drinks and beverages in this fridge is as easy as it gets. With high-impact LED lighting and a lightbox that’s easily customised, your drink inventory will have no trouble attracting attention. The unit is small and narrow, which means you can fit it just about anywhere.

10. Bromic GM1000LBCAS

Finally, we have this upright display fridge, also from Bromic Group.

This double glass door fridge is designed to display your chilled products with maximum lighting. The brilliant interior LED lights on two sides ensure that the merchandise is fully illuminated.

Its double-glazed doors reduce condensation, and its ten interior shelves are easily adjustable. For the ultimate in drinks display, you can’t do much better than Bromic’s GM1000LBCAS black-and-white display chiller.

Find the Best Display Fridge

There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold soda on a hot summer’s day. That’s why having the best display fridge will help attract a thirsty customer’s eye.

So take a look at this list of ten of the best commercial drinks display fridges, and see which one’s right for your business. And don’t hesitate to contact us today, to see how we can help you.