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Use a commercial fridge freezer Combo to keep both frozen items like ice cream or meat in the same equipment as refrigerated goods, like milk and eggs. Choose from our range of single or double units in different sizes depending on your space requirement. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial refrigeration equipment across Australia. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom.

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We offer commercial fridge freezer at Snowmaster, ranging from a single or double unit in different sizes, you can buy depending on your space requirement. If you’re thinking where to buy commercial refrigerators freezers, we have a large selection of commercial fridge freezer for sale at the lowest prices. A commercial fridge freezer combines your cold storage so you can store your frozen and refrigerated items easily accessible. These combo units usually have a top and bottom or a side-by-side combination design. Choose from different dimensions and capacity to have the exact amount of storage space for your goods. With a freezer and refrigerator in one unit, you can now save space for other equipment in your kitchen. Regardless of your commercial kitchen size, we offer durable commercial fridge freezer to you, sourced from top commercial kitchen manufactures in Australia, like, Atosa, Skipio, and Skope. Browse our above collection and shop now.