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Fusionchef by Julabo is one of the leading brands which manufacturers top-grade commercial sous vides for food establishments. Sous vide cooking, or low-temperature cooking is quite popular in hate cuisine because of the perfect, reproducible and aromatic results. This method has made its way into several culinary areas. The Fusionchef sous vide gives perfect results, exact reproducibility and a low loss of food volume. Fusionchef by Julabo is known for blending in the successful, professional temperature control technology with the art of cooking.

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The Fusionchef offers commercial-grade sous vides. Julabo, the manufacturer of Fusionchef sous vide, is one of the global leader’s inaccurate temperature control equipment. The brand has used its experience and expertise to manufacture and supply a premium range of kitchen durable immersion circulators. The sous vide circulators are German designed with an exacting level of precision and durability necessary in today’s culinary business.

The brand – Fusionchef, by Julabo, has two commercial circulators, the Pearl and the Diamond. They are quite similar in performance capabilities, but the Pearl sous vide is the entry-level circulator and has fewer “bells and whistles” than the more intelligent Diamond sous vide. Consequently, it is also economical and would meet the needs of many professional kitchens.

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Sous vide offers a cooking system for restaurants with a high level of control, efficiency, and accuracy. They’re perfect for commercial kitchens including restaurants and cafes those prepare food ahead of an event. If you’re thinking where to buy high-quality sous vide immersion circulators, browse our selection of Fusionchef sous vides immersion circulators for sale at the lowest prices.

Sous Vide helps you cook juicy, perfectly-cooked steaks. Cook and store foods at a controlled temperature by using sous vide in your commercial kitchen. Our Fusionchef sous vide units at Snowmaster cook by heating and circulating water, which is the most efficient way to transfer the heat to the food. Your food will be complete sealed inside vacuum packaging bags, and this will allow you to move away from the unit and focus on other tasks in the kitchen while still achieving the ideal texture, taste, and tenderness of your vegetables, meats, and seafood. When you enclose the ingredients in the bag, their flavours come out more intensely as compared to that in normal cooking, making this equipment ideal chefs wanting to try new recipes and flavour combinations on their menus.

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As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial catering equipment, Snowmaster believes in serving the best, high-quality and durable commercial catering products for our clients. If you own a restaurant or catering business that requires sous vide cooking extensively, Fusionchef sous vide would be an excellent immersion circulator for your use. The equipment has the power and capacity for reliably cooking large amounts of product at one time.