Different Types of Commercial Fridges

The Different Types of Commercial Fridges Available on the Market and Their Uses

Can you imagine a commercial kitchen without fridges? Before 1876, a lump of ice in a box was as sophisticated as refrigeration got. For anyone in the foodservice industry, the food poisoning risk doesn’t bear thinking about.

Thankfully, we live in an age of refrigeration utopia. Commercial fridges are essential for both food preparation and service. We’ve whittled the list down to the seven key varieties that all have a place in commercial settings today.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Commercial Upright Fridges

Commercial storage fridges are the backbone of the foodservice industry.

Also known as the reach in, they’ve got great capacity and lots of user-friendly space. Their moveable shelves are endlessly adjustable. You can store huge Cambros full of prepared veggies while still having space for smaller storage boxes on the shelves above.

They come in single and double door varieties. Display fridges, with plate glass doors, allow you to display your wares and minimize the number of times customers need to open the fridge. This saves electricity in the long run.

Wheeled varieties add extra convenience, as you can move them easily when you want to change a display.

This style of commercial fridge is very easy to clean. It’s easy to see what you have inside and is accessible by kitchen personnel of all heights.

Commercial Drawer and Under-Bench Fridges

Upright fridges can take up a lot of valuable kitchen real estate. Drawer and under-bench fridges are a space-saving option. Plus, you still get the functionality of an upright commercial fridge.

Commercial drawer fridges are easy to fill and very accessible.

They come in multiple configurations and often include a door section as well for versatile storage. The one disadvantage of a drawer fridge is that it’s easy for items at the bottom of the drawers to get forgotten or squashed. But with a little planning, it’s easy to avert these risks.

Under-bench fridges just include door fridges. They’re not quite as accessible as drawer fridges, but they have a great capacity and make the best use of space in a smaller kitchen. There are also display options with the added security of self-closing doors, ideal for use in shops and small takeaways.

Commercial Fridge-Freezer Combo

Fridge-freezer combos make sense when space is at a premium. They come in side-by-side and single, split door options, much like those for home use. There are even under-counter options.

But that’s where the similarities end.

First of all, the capacity is huge. You can safely stack so much in these machines, it’s unreal. Plus, you get the convenience of having all your perishable items stored in one handy location.

That can cut down on time spent moving between fridges and freezers while you’re working, which is very unproductive. They allow you great visibility, are well-lit, and are super easy to clean.

Pizza Prep Fridges

Pizza prep fridges allow you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and freshness when preparing pizzas. Countertop options keep toppings cool and fresh. Crucially, they keep them separate from each other, which is essential when you have potential allergens.

They’re also perfect for sandwich prep or self-service salad in communal dining settings.

Commercial Display Fridges

Commercial display fridges let you create beautiful displays of cakes, meats, and deli items. You’ll have customers breaking the door down to get in.

Castors allow you to move cake display fridges exactly where you want them for accessibility and to catch people’s attention. Shelves are adjustable in some models to accommodate displays and cakes of different sizes.

Countertop display fridges are perfect for smaller establishments. You can display a smaller range of enticing items without having to power a huge display fridge. They keep food in the most hygienic manner possible, ensuring that you’re always serving cakes that are fresh and safe.

Countertop drink fridges are also ideal for cafes, bars, and restaurants. These fridges can be adapted for use with desserts, snacks, sushi, and more.

With sushi, it’s all about the presentation. It’s one of the most artistic and visually appealing foods out there. Sushi display fridges show sushi off to its best advantage.

Open display fridges are perfect for fast-moving sandwich bars and breakfast places. They’re also great for busy settings like school canteens.

Commercial Bar and Wine Fridges

Commercial wine fridges are essential for any business looking to impress customers with a wide array of fine wines. That’s true whether you’re running a liquor store or an elegant restaurant.

You’ve got two main options – single zone and double zone. Double zone fridges allow you to store red wines at a lower ambient temperature – 12°C is generally considered the optimum. At the same time, you can chill crisp whites and rosés down to 7°C.

Bar fridges come in a range of options, with under-bench ones being the most popular. You can adapt the shelving to store kegs, bottles, stubbies, and cans. Sliding doors make the best use of space and are a safe option behind a busy bar.

Vaccine Fridges

Commercial fridges are not just for the foodservice industry. Vaccine fridges save lives. They keep vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medications at the correct temperature.

They’ve come to the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. The Pfizer vaccine, which was approved for use in Australia, needs to be thawed between 2°C and -8°C, and a vaccine fridge is ideal for this sensitive process. Also, certain antibiotics and insulin need to be stored in a fridge.

The Best Commercial Fridges for Your Business

Getting the right commercial fridges can make a huge difference when it comes to the safety and efficiency of your food business.

Whether you’re a pizza place or a busy bar, having the right fridge in place will keep the food and drinks coming. You’ll have satisfied customers and make life easier for your employees.

At Snowmaster, we’ve been supplying commercial fridges for over 70 years. We can help you from kitchen design through to outfitting it with the best appliances for your particular needs. We’ve partnered with SilverChef to offer great finance deals to get you the equipment you need.

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