Unox Combi Ovens and Convection Ovens

Unox Combi Ovens and Convection Ovens: Uses and Features

Looking for an oven for your restaurant or home? Ever heard of combi and convection ovens?

These ovens have been one of the top crazes in the cooking industry. If you’re looking for professional kitchen equipment, consider Unox.

This article covers Unox Bakertop Ovens and Unox Cheftop Ovens. Read on to discover more!

Combi Ovens and Convection Ovens: What Are They

One thing you ought to know when choosing an oven is the difference between combi and convection ovens. Your oven should suit your cooking needs, but it must also fit in well with your restaurant kitchen layout.

Combi ovens are three-in-one commercial ovens. Chefs can cook with either steam, hot air, or a combination of the two. These ovens are great alternatives when you don’t want to cook in a separate steamer or convection oven.

They’re also fantastic replacements for both appliances if you have a small floor area. A combi oven helps save time, money, and space for professional food preparations.

Convection ovens have an exhaust and fan system which can circulate hot air within the oven. This will then reduce all the hot and cool spots, which will help your dishes on every rack be well-cooked.

This type of oven also has a third heating element that helps you cook your food faster. This is often called true convection.

Combi Ovens

A combi oven is one of the best ovens in various foodservice operation cooking lines. In fact, they’re a piece of must-have restaurant equipment.

Whether it’s for restaurants or schools, many prefer using combi ovens because of their ability to perform a wide variety of cooking tasks. These tasks include roasting, steaming, smoking, braising, and baking.

Combi ovens balance humidity and steam by combining hot air with heated steam. These ovens can also control the food’s moisture levels because of how the hot air moves within the oven. Even if it cooks faster, you can maintain the flavour and nutrients of the dish.

Food chains that serve huge amounts of proteins need to have good grease management. This makes combi ovens the best fit because they can pump out excess grease. You can discard grease from the unit and into standalone canisters with ease.

Amongst many kitchen equipment brands, Unox established itself as a household name. There are various benefits of owning an Unox combi oven. A great example is its automatic electronic cooking control.

Apart from that, other distinct features of Unox ovens can turn any kitchen disaster into success. Here are some of them.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest features you can enjoy from an Unox oven is energy efficiency. Combi ovens from Unox help you cook more without using too much energy. These ovens consume far less energy while cooking the same number of dishes in less time.

Because Unox prioritises digitizing the world of cooking, their ovens have a digital configuration. This is like the option of receiving energy consumption notifications on smartphones.

With this feature, better energy management is possible. More than that, restaurant owners can track energy consumption even if they’re not in the restaurant.

Cooking Operation Control

Another great feature of Unox is its ability to significantly cut down cooking time. With the advanced technological configurations, most of these ovens have automated operations. In particular, these are cooking time, temperature control, humidity, and airspeed.

This assures that the chef won’t waste time checking if the food is ready or the oven has the right temperature. You will only need to tweak the different settings and let the oven cook by itself.

Unox ovens have a couple of cooking operations configured to optimize cooking time. An example of such is the chef can bake and grill in the same oven whilst roasting. Each operation has independent controls for temperature, time, and cooking humidity.


Unox Bakertop Ovens and Unox Cheftop Ovens provide not only quality performance but also unique features. The technological configurations and systems enable you to control the programs available in the oven with ease. It also helps you decrease the chances of food burning by having a safety temperature switch.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are great if you want to reduce moisture in the oven. This helps you get your dishes crisp on the outside but tender on the inside. This is possible because, unlike other ovens, it has a fan and exhaust system, as well as a third heating element.

A convection oven is also one versatile cooking equipment. Depending on whether the convection settings are on or not, you can take full advantage of what your oven can do. You can also use it as a conventional thermal oven.

These ovens have more than one fan, which is why some also call it a ventilated oven. With these fans, hot air can circulate within the oven to cook food in an even manner. But, unlike the usually ventilated ovens, convection ovens take it up a notch by adding in steam.

Professional ovens like the Unox convection oven are also best for baking frozen pastry products. They’re also good for other baked products. An example would be a shortcrust pastry that doesn’t need special climatic conditions during baking.

Combi and convection ovens may have similarities. But the latter differs in the way they perform simple cooking techniques.

Convection ovens specialize in food that requires steam to speed up cooking time. That’s why they’re best suited when it comes to certain pastries like croissants.

The Features and Uses of Unox Bakertop Ovens and Unox Cheftop Ovens

Energy efficiency, cooking operation control, range options, and equipment versatility—these are some of the major features that make Unox ovens easy to use. You can configure temperature, speed up cooking, and control humidity.

Unox Bakertop Ovens and Unox Cheftop Ovens can help you upgrade your kitchen. Check out more of Unox brand ovens by getting in touch with us now.