Commercial Gas Stoves for Sale Australia-Wide

Commercial Gas Stoves for Sale Australia-Wide

The travel and tourism industry is bouncing back and quick-service restaurants, in particular, are increasing in popularity amongst millennials. Now, the demand for commercial kitchen appliances worldwide is increasing, expecting to rise at an annual growth rate of 6.7% in the next 7 years.

So what does this mean for your restaurant? It means there is no better time to start or improve your restaurant than now!

Out of all commercial kitchen appliances, commercial stoves are the heart of your kitchen. They’re instrumental to smoothly running your restaurant, café, takeaway, or other food service business.

But there are a number of manufacturers and commercial stove brands to choose from. Which one is right for your commercial kitchen?

Keep reading for a breakdown of the range of commercial stoves available Australia-wide.

Commercial Cooktops from LKK

LKK Food Equipment is a GasMark certified manufacturing company with an Australian branch based in Sydney. LKK originally specialized in Asian cooking equipment, but their range of cooking equipment is still top-notch.

For more high-volume kitchens, the 6 Gas Burner Cooktop With Static Oven from LKK will work for you. Boasting under-shelf storage space and a heavy-duty thermostat, this cooktop can take on even the busiest of kitchens.

If you’re looking for a combination of heating methods, LKK also offers gas burners with hotplates. You can choose from a 4 gas burner cooktop with a 300mm hotplate or a 2 gas burner cooktop with a 600mm hotplate. Each option’s hotplate is 16mm thick and uses piezo and pilot ignition.

With LKK commercial stoves and ovens, you get to choose from natural gas or LP (liquid petroleum) gas. All LKK cooktops are GasMark certified and equipped with a Flame Failure safety device.

No matter your kitchen’s volume or budget, LKK has a gas burner cooktop for you. The options mentioned above run from $3334-3990+ GST.

Cobra Cooktops with Static Ovens

Looking for a commercial stove with modular capabilities and a beautiful finish? Look no further than gas cooktops from Cobra.

All cooktops from Cobra sport stainless steel finishes, giving your kitchen a sleek, clean look. These cooktops also have cast iron burners with vitreous enamel pot stands. Cast iron burners are perfect if you’re looking for a stove with excellent heat retention.

Cobra offers the most variety with a range of options to choose from. All Cobra stoves come with a static oven with side-hinged doors and a vitreous enamelled oven liner.

High-Performance Goldstein Gas Ranges

Commercial catering businesses need a heavy-duty commercial stove to power through service. If you’re a catering business or high-volume kitchen, check out gas ranges from Goldstein.

Goldstein offers the largest commercial stoves, the biggest being the 8 Burner Gas Range at 1220 mm wide. Goldstein 28mj burners allow for peak performance and usability of the entire stove. “Spill zones” and drip trays allow for easy mess catching and cleanup.

For kitchens that need to cook large amounts of food in the oven, Goldstein offers electric or gas fan-forced oven options. Fan-forced ovens make sure heat spreads evenly across all racks.

These ranges are specially equipped for any Australian restaurant. Goldstein ranges are designed and manufactured in Smithfield with Australian working conditions in mind. Goldstein’s also keeps your shipping cost low with warehouses across capital cities of Australia.

With Goldstein, you’ll be supporting fellow Aussies while investing in a high-quality commercial stove for your restaurant!

Heavy Duty Waldorf Commercial Stoves

If you’re looking to make a larger investment for your commercial kitchen, the 6 or 8 Burner Gas Range stove from Waldorf will be worth every dollar.

These stoves are pricier due to their heavy-duty stainless steel finish, drop-down door with welded frame, and heavy-duty reinforced control knobs. Yet, these features will enhance the quality and durability of your Waldorf commercial stove.

The 6 Burner Gas range sits at 900mm wide, with adjustable feet to find the perfect height. Additionally, all Waldorf stoves offer an easy clean, installation, and service process to get your kitchen up and running as soon as you need it.

The drop-down door on the static oven features a welded frame and a cool-touch stainless steel door, making oven use a breeze.

Maximize Space with the FED Gasmax

For the kitchen looking to maximize space without sacrificing efficiency, the FED Gasmax is a great match. With a 15 per cent larger working area than most leading commercial stove brands, the FED Gasmax offers a lot for its size.

The FED Gasmax offers a four-burner and six-burner option. Both options come with an aluminium backboard as standard, a feature that makes this brand stand out. These stoves are constructed from aluminised and stainless steel inside and out. The FED Gasmax is sturdy and powerful, offering adjustable feet and heavy-duty burners.

Weighing in at max 166 kg, the FED Gasmax is the choice for a smaller or newer kitchen looking for a reliable commercial stove.

Commercial Stoves Ready for You

You can compare and contrast these options all you want, but the best way to find out which commercial gas stove is right for you is to try one out for yourself.

At Snowmaster, we offer financing options for everyone to test out commercial catering equipment that is best for them.

Through SilverChef, you can opt-in for a rent-try-buy agreement that lets you test out your commercial stove for up to 12 months before deciding to buy. Our buy-now-pay-later through Shift Payments lets you split up your purchase in instalments over time.

Snowmaster is a family-owned and operated wholesale company. As you’ve now learned, we offer a wide variety of commercial stoves available for delivery Australia-wide. Browse all of our commercial stove options and contact us for your commercial kitchen needs!