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Unox Australia began in 2009 as a standalone factory-backed business, direct to the reseller and Key account market. We have eliminated third-party distribution being involved, which extends the time taken to receive a return on investment and allows a more affordable product for our customers.

Unox Australia focuses their attention on service, offering the best level of customer support possible on the Active Marketing Chef model.
“We believe nobody can advise a chef better than another chef.”
By placing combi ovens in every Service vehicle on the road, they can offer the opportunity for you to try a Combi oven before you invest in a product that may or may not suit your needs.

Unox has developed a range of ovens to suit almost every application. Starting from 3 trays programable convection oven to a BIG 40-tray combi oven and everything in between.

The UNOX MIND.Maps™ technology ensures high standard cooking results with maximum return on investment available. All Unox ovens have 30% fewer components than those of their competitors, meaning they are both easy to use and maintain.

In 2020 Unox Australia enters their 11th year with this business model and are very proud of their achievements over this period. Unox is slowly being recognised as the largest manufacturer of commercial ovens worldwide. With the help of innovative technology and a team of passionate people, Snowmaster continues to help those who challenge themselves every day.

Composed of uncompromised quality, innovative choices, measurable efficiency and reliability.
For you, this means maximum performance, ease of use and savings.
For UNOX, it is Inventive Simplification.

Contact Snowmaster today and find out how We can improve your business.