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Scotsman is an industry expert in providing highly efficient, superior-performing ice solutions to commercial kitchens. The company solely focus on ice machines. Scotsman manufactures the largest selection of equipment and ice shapes and delivers the best possible solutions to its customers. The company is committed to the highest standards and is particular about maintaining quality, durability, and hygiene.

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At Snowmaster, you can find a huge variety of commercial ice makers & ice machines for sale in Australia. For many decades, this creamy and frozen dessert, called ice cream is, is ruling over millions of hearts. This sweet, refreshing and soft dessert is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day. Ice cream is available in a huge variety of different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch and some other tasty flavours. Many food establishments prefer having ice cream machines in their commercial kitchen. This allows them to make their own ice cream with lots of favourite ingredients like colourful candies, crunchy nuts, ripened fruits, aromatic spices and some others. You can also use this equipment to make gelato, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, and sherbets.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Many ice creams machines don’t require ice, rock salt and hand churning. Look for features like a spout that allows complete and fast mixing of ingredients like nuts, cookies and chunks of fresh fruit. Many commercial ice cream machines have a freezer bowl that is built with two layers of insulating material. This moving bowl turns a wet mixture into frozen yet smooth ice cream. Check whether the ice cream machine has an easy to operate on/off the system and other control buttons.

Why invest in a commercial ice cream maker?

Professional ice cream making units allows you to prepare soft and delicious ice cream without wasting much time. These machines are usually small and handy and take up less space in your kitchen. Our Scotsman commercial ice cream machine is easy to operate, convenient, and inexpensive. Think about the number of dishes and shakes you can add to your restaurant menu if you have an ice cream maker in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial ice machine available at Snowmaster can help any food service or hospitality establishment to gain more customers. Our commercial ice machines are sourced from one of the industries experts in Australia – Scotsman. These units ensure you produce clean, fresh, and frozen ice. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. We also offer commercial chest freezers, upright freezers, and more so that you can store your food easily and safely.