Commercial Chest Freezer

How to Choose the Right Commercial Chest Freezer

Experts have identified over 250 foodborne diseases. If your kitchen doesn’t practice proper food safety, your customers could contract any of them.

Such a situation may not cause customers to lose faith in your business alone. It can also lead to legal ramifications. Therefore, it’s important for your kitchen to practice proper food safety techniques.

One of these is to make sure that your kitchen is equipped with effective commercial chest freezers. You may not, however, know how to choose the right chest freezer options. Read on to receive some tips about performing this process.

Consider Your Budget

Firstly, make sure that you know your business’ ideal budget for a freezer before you begin. You can add the cost in during the time when you usually plan budgets.

It’s not a good idea to figure this information out later. You may find the best freezer only to learn you can’t afford it. Not only can you feel frustrated, but you may also have wasted a lot of time.

Consider Your Business’ Space

You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on commercial freezers only to find that one or more of them doesn’t fit in your business’ space. Therefore, before you do anything else, have at least a rough estimate of how much space you have in your business. Consider where you would put the freezers and measure that space as accurately as possible.

You should also consider if you can place other pieces of commercial equipment elsewhere. If so, measure the space where it’s currently sitting. Move it to get a more accurate measurement if it seems necessary.

Sometimes, you may buy multiple pieces of kitchen equipment. If so, make sure that these don’t compete with one another for space. Plan where everything will go beforehand and what space you can spare for each piece.

Consider the Temperature Needs of a Commercial Freezer

While you’re considering the space you have for your freezer, consider what would be the best place to put it. Experts have some recommendations for where you should put freezers in your business.

While you don’t have to follow these recommendations, doing so will help your freezer operate at the most effective level. Also, many companies will not honour warranties if you keep your equipment in an inappropriate space.

According to experts, you shouldn’t put a chest freezer in the actual kitchen space. This is because many other kitchen equipment pieces generate a lot of heat. Freezers struggle to freeze their contents well in a hot environment.

It’s also not a good idea to place commercial freezers in areas with a low average temperature either. A space that’s often between 16 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Consider Your Storage Needs

You don’t want to get caught with too little or too much freezer space. It is true that you won’t face many consequences with the latter problem. However, it can be inconvenient to waste money and space that you could’ve used for other commercial equipment.

There are a few ways to learn the amount of freezer space you need. The first is to keep track of how much food your kitchen takes in and processes for about a month or more.

The second is to consider what kind of food your kitchen often uses. If you’re planning on storing certain foods for a long time, make sure that this won’t interfere with anything else you need to store.

Third, consider the temperature needs of the foods your kitchen often uses. Make sure that the commercial freezer you choose can, on average, accommodate the needs of these foods.

Consider How You’ll Use Your Commercial Chest Freezers

You also want to be sure that your freezer accommodates the operations of your kitchen. Don’t get fooled into thinking that it’s enough to have a non-moving, unattractive freezer that sits in a backroom. It may be better for your freezer to have certain features.

For instance, many freezers can move via the use of casters. There are many businesses that can benefit from this ability.

Caterers, for example, can easily bring chest freezers to events that they’re serving. You may also want to place freezers in a restaurant or other retail space during the day and elsewhere at night. Moving commercial equipment can also make it easier to keep your kitchen clean.

Another consideration if you’re going to place freezers in front of customers is the freezer design. Customers will probably see your business as unprofessional if your freezer doesn’t look attractive. Therefore, in such a situation, you want to make sure that your freezer looks sleek and matches your retail space’s decor.

This isn’t as important if you’re keeping your freezer in or near the kitchen space.

Consider the Freezers Themselves

Lastly, don’t focus on the features of the freezers alone. There are a few other factors you should fully research.

One is the brand of the freezer. Do what you can to look up information on appliance brands. Read reviews of them, check their experience level, and so on.

A second factor is the availability of parts. When your freezer breaks, you don’t want it to be difficult to find replacement parts. Make sure that you choose a freezer that has parts you can easily get.

A third factor is the eco-friendliness of a freezer. If your business prides itself on being environmentally conscious, you should back that up with the kitchen equipment you use. In other cases, you may just want a freezer that saves your business electricity costs.

Consider Purchasing Our Freezers

As a final tip, remember to go through the whole choosing process with careful thoughts and action. Don’t be in a rush, as this could lead to a lot of mistakes. It’s more likely you will find the right freezer if you go through the process gradually.

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