Commercial Juicer

7 Benefits of Investing in a Commercial Juicer

Four out of five Australians are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. So, how can you improve your fruit intake? One option is to invest in a commercial juicer.

No matter the reason for your commercial kitchen, a juicer can make a significant difference. Do not depend on a blender for your juicing needs; instead, invest in a quality commercial juicer and reap the many benefits. Read on to learn the top seven advantages of investing in a commercial juicer.

1. Less Fruit Waste

Around 7.6 million tonnes of food is wasted or lost every year in Australia. Juicing can help your commercial kitchen cut down on food waste. Not only can you use fruits and vegetables that are not so pleasing to the eye in a juicer, but the juicer will also ensure you get the most out of all produce.

Often, using a blender means a lot of fruit is wasted when juicing. Commercial juicer options are designed to get the most out of fruits and vegetables, so you can enjoy juicing without worrying about your food waste impact.

You also do not need to worry about your fruit cutting style, as juicing makes fruit preparation easy. Often, you just wash your fruits and vegetables before popping them into the juicer. The juicer will then do the rest of the work.

2. Efficient Production

When choosing a juicer, you will be presented with many different options. Owning a juicer is one of the most efficient ways to create juices and the quickest. But not all juicers are created equal.

When in a commercial kitchen, you want your equipment to match production demand without commercial equipment disturbing workflows. Many juicers can be noisy and take time to produce sufficient amounts of juice. Whereas commercial juicers are designed for making juice in bulk, so you can juice away without pause in production.

For example, some quality juicer options have a 2.5 jug capacity and waste jugs to produce in bulk. Health and safety are paramount in commercial kitchens, so invest in a juicer for commercial purposes.

A commercial juicer is also built to withstand multiple uses, so you can have peace of mind that it will last, especially if you maintain it well. Plus, the juicers are designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

3. Satisfied Customers

Whether your commercial kitchen is for staff or consumers, you can rest assured a commercial juicer will improve satisfaction. You will be able to produce quality juices with ease, which are nutritious and quick to make. You can establish yourself as a healthy juice provider who cares about nutrition.

No one wants a juice that is not well-filtered, which is usually the case when people make juices in blenders or with blender sticks, which have other functions. While there is an initial investment with a commercial juicer, your satisfied customers will return for more, meaning you will quickly make up the cost.

4. Better Nutrient Absorption

Juicing is a great way to absorb the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Your body does not have to digest fibres and other parts of food, which means you can retain the fruits’ vitamins and minerals. A quality commercial juicer will guarantee better nutrient absorption, helping you, colleagues, and customers reach their nutritional goals.

You can also experiment with different juice recipes to expand your diet. Some people struggle to consume certain fruits and vegetables, but they can incoporate more into their diet without worrying about the taste with the right juice recipe.

5. Cost Savings

Commercial kitchen equipment such as juicers can also save you money. These products are designed with a commercial setting in mind, which means they function more efficiently than other standard kitchen options. So, skip the hassle of trying different kitchen products and invest in commercial options.

You will save money in different ways with a commercial juicer. Firstly, you will have a higher turnover of juice to provide customers with their orders without delay. This increases customer satisfaction, which means you are likely to get returning customers who also spread the word about your business.

Plus, you can have peace of mind that your juicer will last without needing to replace juicers or pause juice production frequently. Commercial juicer options have multiple speed options, so you can juice many different items with the most extraction.

6. Healthy Results

Whether you already offer juices in your kitchen or not, a commercial juicer can provide noticeable results. When working, there is often not enough time to cut up various fruits to enjoy. With a juicer, you can quickly gain the benefits of different fruits and vegetables without worrying about wasting valuable work time.

You will get the benefits of fruits and vegetables, such as an energy boost, which will also help your work performance. Plus, customers will enjoy the benefits of the juices you offer and will come back for more when they notice the juices’ beneficial results.

Fruits and vegetables can help detoxify, too, especially in the form of juice. Many people are looking for juice detoxes and other ways to feel healthy. You can offer them juicing options to aid their health journey.

7. Flexible Recipes

A commercial juicer allows you to expand your juice menu and experiment with different combinations, as they are built to juice even the hardiest of fruits. There are even specific juicer options for certain types of juices, such as a cold press juicer or citrus juicer. Cater to juicing trends and stand out from the crowd with specialist options.

Invest in a Commercial Juicer

There are many benefits of investing in commercial kitchen equipment, including juicers. Do not miss out on the many benefits a commercial juicer can offer your kitchen space.

However, not all commercial juicer options are the same. It is essential to purchase a commercial juicer from a reputable seller to reap the benefits of commercial juicing.

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