Commercial Chest Freezer

The Best Commercial Chest Freezer Buying Guide

A commercial chest freezer is vital to your food business. Whether you are a restaurant, catering business, or convenience store commercial freezers are a must.

Are you searching for commercial chest freezers for sale in Sydney but aren’t sure how to make your final decision? Here’s everything you need to know.

Types of Commercial Freezers

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know what is the best chest freezer. Here are some options to choose from.

Upright Commercial Freezers

Also known as stand up, reach-in, or vertical freezers, upright commercial freezers are great if you have a shopfront because they have shallow shelves for easy access and display any store goods.

A glass display chest freezer or stainless steel door freezer are your two best choices when deciding on an upright freezer.

Blast Chillers

With a blast chiller, you can freeze food in as close to 90 minutes versus a stand-up freezer which can take around 4 hours. One benefit of a time-efficient freezer is reducing the risk of bacteria that can form on cooling foods.

Blast chillers help produce frozen food in a fresher state than other large chest freezers. There are two types of blast chillers under counter and tabletop.

Freezer Drawers

Otherwise known as a drawer freezer, they are super practical and easy to use. Because of their shallow drawers, you don’t have to reach way down to find your frozen food. Some even come with programmable temperatures so you can match the temperature with the type of food that needs freezing.

Some other commercial freezers to choose from are chest freezers countertop display freezers, fridge freezer combo, and under bench freezers.

What to Consider When Buying Commercial Chest Freezers for Sale in Sydney

When shopping around for the best large chest freezer for sale consider the following essential areas to help you make the best decision for your needs.


Commercial freezers take up a large amount of space. When choosing the best chest freezer you need to take into consideration the size of your kitchen space and the dimensions of your chest freezer versus your floorplan.

There is a balance between how much space your large chest freezers take versus how much they are able to store. You don’t want your commercial chest freezer to take up a large amount of space but not be able to store everything you need.


Commercial freezers can have up to three doors. Take into consideration that some doors swing open while others slide open. Sliding doors take up less space, especially glass transparent doors, and swinging doors tend to block entrances and walkways.

To conserve energy, the doors have closing mechanisms that automatically shut to avoid defrost and wasting energy.

Storing Food

When considering a large chest freezer for sale the capacity and type of freezer are important when it comes to storing food. If you are storing large amounts of food a rack freezer that can hold large volumes of food is a good choice.

Otherwise, ensure whatever type of chest freezer you buy make sure it can store large containers and your employees can easily lift them out.

Look at the placement of the shelves. Do you have smaller containers or larger containers to store? Do the shelves accommodate your type of food storage?

Energy Efficiency

When exploring commercial chest freezers for sale in Sydney you need to remember that your chest freezer needs to run 24/7. They are used constantly and take up a fair amount of energy.

Choose the right model that specifies energy efficiency to help you save money on your utility bill. When you do your research and choose a model that can help save on energy you will not only be saving money but also the environment.

Used Vs. New

As a new business owner, your budget might be tight. A used commercial freezer can be an option when you start growing your establishment.

You can test out what size and type of freezer work best without breaking the bank. But be wary of the warrantee, and quality before you purchase.

Newer freezers will give you that high quality from the start and a warranty. You can also set up a flexible finance plan to help with the initial cost.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether you purchase a display chest freezer or any other type of large chest freezers you need to remember to keep them clean to help extend their lifespan.

Keeping your chest freezer free of dust can also extend the lifespan of your freezer and its cooling functions. The inside and outside need to be routinely cleaned and also the ventilation areas. Before you buy, find out how often you need to clean and wipe each freezer.


There are many different models of freezers that come with different features and specifications. Decide early on what features are most important to your business and that you cannot function without.

Features such as removable gaskets, a digital thermostat, removable racks, rolling features, extra-large doors, or quick freeze features.

Temperature Range

Every best chest freezer features a condenser. A condenser’s job is to maintain the temperature settings. You can find them either on top of your unit or placed at the bottom.

Most people prefer their condenser to be placed at the top because it is safer from disrepair and last longer. They work better in cooler rooms. Bottom-mounted condensers are less expensive and more convenient because they can be placed at a warmer room temperature.

Consider Commercial Display and Large Chest Freezers

Whether you are looking for a display chest freezer for sale or large commercial chest freezers for sale in Sydney Snowmaster offers the best commercial kitchen equipment including a variety of commercial freezers.

Give us a call or check out our showroom to purchase the best commercial freezer for your business!