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Commercial Cooking Equipment: Blenders, Juicers, and Milkshake Makers

Did you know that the juice and smoothie bar industry in Australia is worth a whopping $460.6 million in 2022?

Are you looking to get a slice of the action or do you already have a juice bar of your own? Domestic blenders, juicers, and milkshake makers just don’t cut it.

You need heavy-duty, commercial machines that speed up processes. They produce high-quality results your customers love.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can find the very best commercial cooking equipment for your drinks business.


Have you been dreaming about owning a commercial blender ever since watching one destroy an iPhone? A jug blender is an essential piece of commercial cooking equipment, whether you’re running a food service kitchen, a bar, or a juice bar. But there are some key features to consider when choosing the best model for you.


If you’re just making the occasional blended cocktail, you might get away with something akin to a domestic capacity blender. A 1.2 or 1.4-litre blender will be fine.

But if you’re making pitchers of margaritas all night long, you need something with a big capacity. The Grange GR980 Bondi Bar Blender has a whopping 2.5-litre capacity for exactly this purpose. It’s built to keep up with all of your demands.

Should You Get an Ice Blender?

Do you know that you’re going to be preparing a lot of margaritas and daiquiris?

then ice blenders are a great option. And of course, you’ll never go short of shaved ice behind the bar. They’re specially designed to deal with the demands of working with ice and iced drinks, making them a solid option for slushies and more.

If you know you’ll need a lot of crushed ice, consider investing in an ice blender solely for this purpose. It’ll keep production moving because you won’t tie up a regular blender making crushed ice.

What’s the Difference Between a Bar Blender and a Prep Blender?

Bar blenders are designed for the bar environment. It can get pretty noisy out there, but you want the sound of music and conversation to ring out. Not the sound of your blender.

So they tend to be on the quieter side. Some models are specifically marketed that way, such as the Vitamix VM50031 ‘The Quiet One’.

On the other hand, a prep blender is there to do the heavy lifting in the kitchen. They’re loud and proud, but you can’t beat them for chopping, pureeing, or whipping up a batch of pesto. The 2-litre Vitamix VM10089 Vita Prep Blender is ideal for this type of setting.

This type of blender is also vital in settings that require pureed food. Care homes and nurseries should definitely invest in one.


Juicers allow you to add a wide range of healthy drinks to your menu. You’ve got three main options – citrus, centrifugal and cold-press.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers have been commercial cooking essentials for juicing lemons and oranges for years. They allow you to add fast, fresh juices to your menu, but they limit you to citrus juices. You really need to buy a citrus juicer and another type for a complete offering.

For maximum simplicity, choose the Hamilton Beach HBJ0932 Manual Juicer.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers make short work of almost any fruit or vegetables. The blades pulverise it before it’s squeezed against a rotating sieve to filter out any big bits. The result is smooth juice fast and a pulp that can be composted easily.

The main advantage of these juicers is speed. There’s no need to cut the fruit or veg, it goes in skins and all. They deliver large quantities of juice to waiting customers in seconds.

The downside is the noise. Plus, they’re not able to process citrus fruits, so you’ll need a separate citrus juicer.

Cold-Press Juicers

If you’re looking to corner the high-end health juice market, you’ve got to go cold-press. But these masticating juicers come with a business warning. They are slow.

But the good news is they’re quieter than centrifugal juicers and they extract more nutrients from the fruit and veggies. They can deal with tough leafy greens and the juice keeps longer because it gets less oxidised.

You’ll have to keep your customers waiting unless you bottle it ahead of time. But some customers are willing to wait for the very best results.

Milkshake Makers

Milkshake makers aren’t just extremely functional pieces of commercial cooking equipment. They also serious elevate your bar game with a touch of fifties cool.

For busy restaurants and juice bars, consider double and triple milkshake machines. They allow you to simultaneously prepare multiple orders.

They churn out thick, creamy milkshakes that customers go wild over and they’re very easy to train staff to use. The single models are also extremely compact, taking up very little counter space.

Commercial Cooking Equipment Rental

Not sure about committing to buying commercial kitchen cooking equipment? A plan called Rent-Try-Buy® could be right up your street.

This partnership between Snowmaster and SilverChef lets you rent your cooking equipment for 12 months. If you’re happy with the kit, you have the option to buy it at any point during the 12 months. You can also upgrade to a bigger or better model at any time.

You get the benefit of the machine helping to generate cash flow without an overwhelming initial outlay. After the 12 months are over, you can return it, continue renting it, upgrade it, or purchase it.

Choose Snowmaster for Commercial Cooking Equipment

Blenders, juicers, and milkshake makers are essential commercial cooking equipment. There are models designed for particular jobs along with outstanding all-rounders.

At Snowmaster, we have a huge range of models for sale and rental. All our products come with buy now, pay later or Rent-Try-Buy® options. Check out our range of commercial beverage equipment today.