Pie Warmer For Sale

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: Pie Warmers for Sale

Mmmm…can you smell it?

The cinnamon oozing out of the crispy center of the apple pie.

The cherries sizzling inside the center of the pie, creating a sticky and sweet syrup.

The pecans charring on top of the pecan pie as the syrup congeals.

Are you hungry now? Can you almost taste the warm and gooey pie that you’re about to make in your oven this winter?

With pie season right around the corner, you need to be sure you are using top-grade pie warmers to make the best pie around! Keep reading to learn about all kinds of pie warmers for sale.

What Is a Pie Warmer?

Since it’s pie season, if you haven’t heard of a pie warmer, you need to get up to speed!

Pie warmers are perfect for your restaurant or bakery because they will keep your freshly baked goods nice and warm for future customers.

After you bake, you can pop them right into the warmer. You won’t have to worry about them overcooking or getting cold.

The best part? Some pie warmers for sale also come with display cases so your customers can see what you just cooked up for them!

It’s a two-in-one deal!

Types of Pie Warmers for Sale

There are so many different kinds of pie warmers to choose from! Whether you are looking for something big, something to fit in a small space, or more of a display case, there are options for you.

Roband Pie Warmer

Roband pie warmers are extremely durable and sturdy for your café or restaurant needs.

They warm electrically to keep your pies or other baked goods at the desired eating temperature.

Roband pie warmers come in multiple sizes and capacities, along with different displays. Some have visible glass doors to see the shelves, while others are pull-out drawers.

All models have an easily removable crumb tray and adjustable feet at the bottom.

Woodson Pie Warmer

A Woodson pie warmer is similar to a Roband pie warmer.

They have a temperature gauge to control the desired temperature. Some models look more like displays than warmers to spice up the look of your café counter or restaurant kitchen. There are also a few that are the drawer-style pie warmer.

The sizes also vary from 50 to 200 pie capacities to fit your needs.

Hot Food Display

If you are looking to have a sleek look in your café, a hot food display is the best way to keep your pies warm.

The modern designs and angled shelves will allow your customers to browse for the goodies that they want.

There are also lights and glass sides to help brighten the area to display the pies and baked goods.

How Do I Choose the Best Pie Warmer?

There are multiple things to consider when trying to find the best pie warmer for your needs.

Not only do you need the warmer to keep your pies warm, but you should also take size, capacity, make, and your budget into account.


The capacity for your pie warmer will depend on your customer’s needs and wants.

If your café or restaurant doesn’t usually get many sales with baked goods or pies, you may not need a large one.

However, if you are constantly getting sales on your pies and the demand is high, you should consider getting a large capacity pie warmer.

You should also think about the future! Will your customer base increase? If so, consider opting for a bigger capacity pie warmer.


Something you have to deal with when looking at pie warmers for sale is your budget. Although it’s not fun, it’s important to get the best product for the least amount of money to grow your business.

The good news about pie warmers for sale is that there are some for everyone!

If you are on a tight budget, you can find a pie warmer for a few hundred dollars. If you want a sturdier and more advanced pie warmer, you can find one of those as well for a higher price.


Looking at the different makes and models of pie warmers for sale is so important!

Every pie warmer is made differently, which can impact how it warms the pie and how long it lasts.

Most pie warmers are made with sturdy, solid sides and doors. These are easier to handle and less fragile.

If you want to display your pies, then you should consider getting a make with a glass door. It’s important to note that these are less sturdy and cannot be handled as much as the others.

Different pie warmers also come with different types of shelving. Some have angled shelves for easy display, while others have straight shelves that are either built-in or removable. Some are even made of drawers instead of shelves.

If you’re trying to keep your place as clean as possible, look for a pie warmer that is made with a crumb tray for easy cleaning!


The sizes of pie warmers are similar to the capacity that they hold but are also an important factor to take into consideration.

Depending on how much room you have in your space, you may be limited to the size of the pie warmer.

Get Searchin’ for Pie Warmers for Sale

If you’re looking for pie warmers for sale, you’re in luck! At Snowmaster, our appliances fit all of your needs!

If you are not sure which pie warmer is the best for you, try our rent-try-buy experience to make sure it is the best fit!

Contact us to learn more about the different pie warmers we have for sale along with the financing options available for you!