8 Signs You Should Own a Restaurant

8 Signs You Should Own a Restaurant.

There are two types of people in this world, those who dream of opening a restaurant and those who don’t. Those who do, have something special within, a sense of adventure. Those who don’t are missing a vital aspect of our society: Restaurants are never only businesses; they’re places that make people’s lives better.

The name ‘restaurant’ comes from the verb ‘restoring’ because restaurateurs replenish joy and energy to their patrons; you can’t argue that a proper meal makes everyone’s day better.

As long as there are people on earth, there will be someone selling them something to eat; it’s as noble as a profession can get, and as you’ll see, it’s a satisfying line of work.

If you’re unsure if the restaurant life is for you, read on and see if the job suits you.

1- You love food.

If you don’t love food, forget it. A restaurant is a complicated organization, and it revolves around one simple thing: food.

If you enjoy dining out and tasting new things, if you try out different restaurants and watch food TV shows, chances are you’re a food-oriented person. You see food, not only as nourishment, but as a part of our culture.

If unsure, see how many food posts you find on your Facebook and Instagram feeds and answer yourself, are you a foodie?

2- You enjoy cooking.

Loving food and cooking are entirely disparate things. There are many foodies out there who can’t make a sunny side up without breaking the yolk.

You need not know how to cook to own a restaurant, but if you love spending time in the kitchen, or at least fancy the art of cooking, then owning a restaurant is a wonderful idea.

When you cook, you see food differently. You know the process behind a dish, its merits and areas of improvement. Your cooking skills will be a significant asset if you decide to open a restaurant.

3- You enjoy travelling.

When you travel, you experience diverse cultures, traditions and food. You can see how people’s lifestyles differ, even from one town to another.

If you like to travel, to get to know distant places, you expose yourself to a wide variety of foods. As you try different things, your taste and food preferences change, they evolve. And that’s a big deal if you plan to open a restaurant.

Restaurants are windows to the world; they’re an opportunity to show people different cooking styles, exotic ingredients and interesting dishes. In a way, being a restaurateur is like being a travel guide.

4- You have an eye for details.

The restaurant environment is competitive, and with so many places fighting for customers, there’s no room for mistakes. Being organized and somewhat of a perfectionist are vital features to make a restaurant successful.

No matter what kind of food you’re planning to serve, your restaurant has to be spotless from top to bottom, the menus, and the tables too. Every plate has to be perfect, and every ingredient must be cooked perfectly.

If you’re a meticulous person, you’ll feel right at home at your new food business.

5- You’re a good host.

Food is important sure, but it’s the way your customers feel what matters most. Being a restaurateur, or just working in the restaurant business demands a service-oriented personality.

It’s not just smiling; it’s caring for the people, making sure you do everything you can to make them have a good time, that they leave happier than when they arrived.

If you appreciate having friends coming over, if you’re a solid host at home, if you love pleasing your guests, if you’re all about exceeding people’s expectations, a restaurant is perfect for you.

6- You like meeting new people.

Restaurants can get busy; people come and go. This means you’ll end up meeting many, many people. Things can get crowded, and you must never lose your chill. Does that sound like you?

If you’re a people person, you might enjoy running a restaurant. If you’re not, you better think twice about your dreamed entrepreneurship.

At the end of the day, happy customers and repeating customers, and those are the base of any successful restaurant. Guests become acquaintances, and you should end up treating them as friends.

7- You’re a leader.

You might not know this, but running a restaurant is very much like being the captain of a ship. Your crew might be talented, but they always need a suitable leader to channel their efforts towards a common goal, in this case, happy people on a full belly.

Strong leadership skills are not only appreciated but needed to run a restaurant successfully. If you think you have what it’s required to manage your staff, both in the kitchen and dining room, and can get your mission statement through, you have half the battle won.

8- You’re good with numbers.

Running a business is about dollars signs, but don’t think for a second that the food industry is easy money. You need a hard set of accounting skills to make a profit.

Costs are tricky, every dish and every drink have their profit margin, and all sorts of expenses are involved in the intricate word of food.

If you don’t mind running a few spreadsheets and carrying out simple math, you’ll enjoy the administrative side of your restaurant as much as its creative part.

Reader beware:

Having a restaurant is one of the most satisfying endeavours around, but it’s still a job. Making your new business succeed is hard work, but the feeling of owning your place is priceless.

Hours might be long, and pebbles down the road are endless, but when the shift is over; when you see the smiles on your patrons’ faces; when you see that your dream restaurant is making people happy, you’ll know it’s all worth it.

Live the dream! Become a successful restaurateur and be your own boss.