Browse and shop online with Snowmaster for your Commercial Freezers and save. We offer a variety of commercial freezers including display freezers, upright freezers, under bench freezers, chest freezers and blast chillers. Our commercial display freezers are perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and frozen food retailers. Shop online with Australia's largest commercial freezer retailer and supplier, with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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Quality Commercial Freezer Units

Snowmaster offers and distributes the world’s most trusted commercial freezers and icemakers. We understand the need for reliable commercial freezers in hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets. 100% reliability is essential to your business and ours.

We offer a variety of commercial kitchen freezers. They are available with glass doors and solid doors in various sizes to suit your restaurant, kitchen or retail store. We only carry and supply the best commercial freezer brands.

Commercial freezers for sale

We supply an extensive range of freezers including commercial deep freezers and bar freezers. Choose from a wide of range of designs to suit including 1 door, 2 door or 3 doors.

We invite you to browse our online showroom and access our entire range of:

  • Blast Chillers— extensive range of multi-shelf blast chillers available in a range of sizes from 3 tray to 20 tray. A number of models available with two years warranty. We supply Zanussi, FED and Everlasting.
  • Commercial Chest Freezers — we have premium stainless-steel lid and sliding glass top chest freezers available. A large range is available in difference sizes from 200L up to 1155L. Plug and play units are also available and ready to use with trusted brands including Atosa, Bromic and FED.
  • Commercial Icemakers — consistently make and dispense clean and fresh ice cubes and flakes. Select from models producing bullet ice, solid cubes, flake ice, gourmet ice and cublet ice. Daily production ranges from 10kgs up to 870kgs in 24 hours. Available from a number of quality manufactures including Hoshizaki, Bromic, FED, Scotsman and Skope.
  • Commercial Upright Freezers — over 70 models available of single and twin door freezers in a wide range of sizes and capacities. A variety of stylish finishes including stainless steel, glass door, display and LED lighting. Dual fridge and freezer combination freezers available. Choose from Atosa, Skipio, Skope and Turbo Air.
  • Freezer Drawers — compact under-counter drawer freezers designed to save space and maximize bench space. Single and double drawer models available with energy efficient LED lighting. We even have models equipped with automatic ice makers. We proudly supply Skipio with models ranging from 198 liters up to 425 liters.
  • Ice Cream Display Freezers – quality ice cream and gelato display freezers for your delicious treats at the perfect temperature. Including solid top storage and glass top model for display. Manufactured by popular brands like Anvil, Bromic and Skipio.
  • Ice Cream Makers — produce quality ‘homemade style’ gelato and ice cream commercially with our Musso ice cream makers. A range of sizes to choose from, producing 2kgs per hour up to 12 kgs per hour. Italian design that is robust, reliable, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Under-bench Freezers — save space with our single and double door freezers made to fit under the bench. Designed with casters for mobility and adjustable shelfing for convenience. Available in a range of sizes from 1 door, 2 door and 3 doors and with solid and glass type doors. Choose from Skipio and Turbo Air.

Which model of freezer, commercial suits best?

Choose your commercial freezer equipment wisely as the correct model can help you maximize your workspace and help you save.

Whether you are after a big commercial freezer or a small commercial freezer, consider the usefulness of the design. Factors to consider include freezer’s shape, size, internal space, exterior dimensions, and mobility. Other considerations are temperature range and control, compressor capacity, electricity usage, heat generation, and warranty.

Our friendly sales team can help you decide what is best for your establishment. We are available to answer any questions you may have on your next commercial double freezer or glass door display freezer.

The different between Commercial and Domestic Freezers?

The standard home freezer, typically a chest or an upright freezer, is familiar to most people. On the other hand, businesses such as restaurants, cafes, caterers, and grocery stores use commercial freezers. Multiple compartments featured in these units for storing different types of food are larger and more powerful than home freezers. Commercial freezers also have tighter seals to keep food fresher for extended periods.
Residential models open only a few times daily, whereas commercial freezers are opened and closed more frequently during hectic times. Security and reliability are vital, given the vast storage capabilities of holding frozen food worth thousands of dollars.

Many commercial freezers come equipped with wheels to make moving them around in a busy kitchen easier. Although commercial freezers may cost more than home units, they offer superior performance and durability that are important for businesses that rely on fresh food. Most people are familiar with the standard home freezer, which is typically a chest or upright freezer. On the other hand, commercial freezers are designed for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, caterers, and grocery stores. These units are larger and more powerful than home freezers, and they often feature multiple compartments for storing different types of food. Commercial freezers also have tighter seals to keep food fresher for extended periods.

Commercial freezers typically are much more advanced and have more powerful cooling systems than residential models. A commercial freezer might be opened and closed frequently during hectic times, but a household freezer might only be opened a few times daily. With vast storage capabilities capable of holding frozen food worth thousands of dollars, security and reliability are vital.
Finally, many commercial freezers come equipped with wheels to make moving them around in a busy kitchen easier. While commercial freezers may cost more than home units, they offer superior performance and durability that are important for businesses that rely on fresh food.

What Temperature should a Commercial Freezer Be?

For food safety, it’s crucial to maintain the proper temperature in your commercial freezer. Keeping the temperature at the ideal -18°C (0°F) will help keep your food fresh and prevent spoilage. If the temperature is too high, bacteria can grow and cause food poisoning, while too low can make your food too frozen and difficult to thaw. To monitor the temperature, use a freezer thermometer to record regular intervals and ensure reliable temperature control.

Reliable and trusted brands of Commercial Freezers

We are proud to offer the most trusted brands in industrial freezers. The best quality brands include Zanussi, Everlasting, Skipio, FED, Atosa, Bromic, Scotsman, Scope, Saltas, Anvil, Inomak, Polar, Musso and Glacian.

We sell brand new and commercial freezers second hand and offer finance through our trusted partner Silverchef. Please contact us to discuss your finance options.

Expert advice

Contact our team at Snowmaster with any questions you may. We are here to help you select the most suitable unit for your venue. We offer expert advice on your commercial freezer needs.

Shipping Australia wide

We have partnered with Australia’s leading freight companies. This enables us to ship your commercial freezer to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We coordinate daily deliveries to Sydney Metro, Northern Beaches, Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.

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