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Kisag is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial stick blenders and mixers. A hand blender is necessary equipment used in many professional kitchens. The compact stick blender is used similar to a spoon for blending different food items and juices.

Why choose Kisag stick blenders and mixers?

Compact and Portable

One of the main reasons for using a Kisag stick blender is its compact and portable design. It makes blending work easy for restaurants. Kisag stick blender is portable and easy to store as it doesn’t require a lot of space while cooking or preparing ingredients. Our hand blender from Kisag comes with a detachable shaft, which makes it easy to store the appliance.

Versatile Appliance

A perfect hand blender or stick blenders are versatile and easy to use. Kisag stick blenders are not only ideal for blending food items and drinks but can also be used to chop food items. Right from making a delicious and savoury puree soup to whipping a quick salad dressing, a stick blender and mixer is the right equipment for you. Make a lot of dishes and beverages with the help of our Kisag hand blender. Its effective design helps you easily blend the ingredients to get a smooth mixture.

Silent Operation

These stick blenders are convenient for using at café and front kitchen where customers can see and hear you making food. Unlike noisy, bulky blenders, these hand blenders produce less noise. The best thing about Kisag stick blender is that the motor is encased in the handle. When the blender operates, it turns the stainless-steel rod present in the wand. Hence, the sound generated from the motor inside the blenders handle is absorbed.

Kisag Stick Blender at Snowmaster

A commercial stick blender is used to serve your guests with a variety of food at short time. Invest in a mixing stick to quickly chop soft produce, churn butter, whip cream, mix batters, and make puree soups. Select from our range of stick blenders and mixers with different stick lengths to use in your deep pots or shallow bowls. Commercial stick blenders available at Snowmaster are sourced from one of the leading stick blender and mixer manufactures in Australia – Kisag. These blenders can easily be used for making food like whipping cream, churning butter, mixing the batter, and more. Make the cooking task easy for your staff and buy these magic wands.

Our range of Kisag commercial stick blenders are extremely powerful, yet lightweight for easy to handle. Complete blending tasks more quickly than ever before with the help of our stick blender and mixer. Besides, you can browse our collection of cordless commercial handheld mixers that don’t require chefs to stay in one location.

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