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Commercial Deep Fryers are a necessity in the commercial catering industry. Snowmaster brings you supreme quality Goldstein deep fryers which provide high efficiency and complete frying. Goldstein fryers can easily be used in small to mid−sized kitchens from entry−level restaurants to cafes  and takeaway outlets. Each unit is designed to meet the main criteria – affordable, functional and reliable.

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Snowmaster offers an essential range of commercial equipment solutions to meet your needs. Every Goldstein product available with us is modular, with no assembly required. Our Goldstein fryers are made with the best quality stainless steel, adding to the overall durability and functionality. The Goldstein deep fryers have unique pan design which maximises heat transfer to minimise energy use. Our deep fryer range includes Goldstein single pan fryer, Goldstein single pan deep fryer, Goldstein double pan deep fryer, and Goldstein double pan deep fryer.

The deep fryer has a stainless steel pan and baskets for easy cleaning. All models are available with and without line-up nosing at Snowmaster. Choose between Goldstein gas deep fryer and Goldstein electric deep fryer for your restaurant and café in Australia. Snowmaster supply and deliver a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Shop online or visit our Sydney showroom to view our extensive Goldstein Deep Fryer range.