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Musso is a family-owned and operated brand which manufacturers and supplies ice machines and ice cream makers since 1928. The brand was first established in Italy. The Musso machines can be found in the kitchens of the best and most glamorous restaurants, not only in Australia but all around the globe. The brand has become the symbol of the Italian imagination and craftsmanship of designing and creating great homemade ice creams.

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The ice cream machines manufactured by Musso have self-contained compressor and freezer device, along with a permanent bowl. This machine is one of the most efficient machines you can buy for your ice cream parlour, restaurant, dessert corner, café, or bakery. No pre-freezing, ice or rock salt is required for making your favourite ice cream. The ice cream maker is built with the best technology, complete care and precision. The temperatures are carefully controlled, and the powerful blade not only ventilates the ice cream base but also blends it consistently so no grainy particles or ice crystal are formed in the ice cream. The machine offers creamy, smooth gelato or frozen desserts every time.

The Musso ice cream machine range is perfect for any kitchen, be it a compact mini to the floor standing machine consul. All Musso units available at Snowmaster can make gelato, frozen dessert & sorbet in about a few minutes. The housing consists of bowls that made of brushed and polished stainless steel with matching stainless-steel blades. It’s easy to use as the machine has a timer which works in conjunction with a churn and chill switches. All ice cream machines have a non-removable stainless-steel bowl for easy cleaning.

Musso Ice Cream Machine at Snowmaster

If you are looking for a commercial ice-cream maker for your restaurant in Australia, then you’ve landed on the right page. Snowmaster brings you top-quality commercial ice-cream maker, which can let you make and serve delicious ice cream flavours in your food establishment. We offer top-quality Musso Ice-cream maker, which can help you make and serve tasty ice cream flavours in your bakery or ice cream parlour. These machines are reliable, easy to clean, and simple-to-use, ideal for making ice cream at home or your food establishment. Select from our range of models the best commercial Ice Cream maker supports the features that most suits your commercial kitchen needs. Serve your guests with a variety of rich and delicious traditional hand-dipped ice cream flavours, wholesome frozen yogurts, and much more. Snowmaster Commercial Ice Cream Makers and Ice Cream Display Freezers will help you create authentic and flavorful artisan frozen desserts like gelatos and sorbets with an exceptionally smooth texture and appearance.

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