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Buy commercial griddle plate toasters at Snowmaster. These units are perfect for serving large quantities of hot food like sandwiches, burgers, bacon & eggs, pancakes or other hot foods that require a hot plate. Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment across Australia. Shop online and save.

Commercial griddle plate toasters available at Snowmaster have heavy-duty toaster underneath which are designed to stand up for constant use and cleaning. The exteriors are intended to withstand everyday use in a busy kitchen. We source or commercial griddle plate toasters from top commercial kitchen equipment Brands like Austheat, Cobra, F.E.D, Goldstein, LKK, Roband, and Waldorf. Our range of griddle plate has features like heat controls to high backsplashes and much more. If your commercial cooking equipment needs to serve large quantities of hot sandwiches, burgers, or pancakes, a commercial griddle plate can help you get perfect results, saving time and energy. Our griddle plate toaster range comes in a variety of sizes and capacity, so whether you need an electric or gas griddle, a compact or bench model, we’ve got something that will suit your restaurant need.