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Vitamix is an industry expert when it comes to producing the best quality commercial blenders. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing blenders for food establishments of all kinds and sizes. All Vitamix commercial blenders are extremely reliable, versatile and produce consistent results over time. You can produce a wide range of drinks, smoothies, dips, and fruit blends with the help of a Vitamix blender. You can chop, grind, mix, and blend your fruits and vegetable hassle-free. Whether you own a high produce juice and smoothie bar, a multi-cuisine food establishment, a milkshake bar, or a café, investing in a commercial-grade food blender is a great idea. These blenders will save your time and energy and are a great investment.

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Snowmaster offers a huge range of food processing units for commercial kitchens in Australia. We source our units from industry experts, like Vitamix, so that our customers never have to worry about quality and durability. Vitamix blender containers are available at Snowmaster in different sizes, blade styles, and lid options. All the blades are made with the latest laser cut technology, hence providing perfect blending results every time. These stainless steel blades are perfect for cutting, chopping, blending, and mixing fruits and vegetables.

Vitamix commercial blenders available for sale at Snowmaster are designed with the latest technology for blending a huge number of drinks or food. Our commercial blenders are durable and reliable since they can easily handle a variety of ingredients. Do you own a restaurant and a bar in Australia and are looking for food blenders? Browse through our range of commercial-grade high-quality bar and food blenders which come with exciting features, electronic controls, toggle switches, and paddles.

Serve your clients with perfectly blended smoothies, refreshing cocktails, and the tastiest hummus. We source our commercial blenders from well-known commercial kitchen equipment brands in Australia, like Vitamix. Our commercial food blenders are compact and take a little space in your kitchen. These blenders can easily break down any food item, be it chocolate chips, almonds, or ice. If you believe that your kitchen requires a light-duty blending, go for a small commercial blender. Takeaways and multi-cuisine restaurants should invest in larger capacity blenders for high-volume demand. These commercial blenders are easy to remove, clean, and re-attach.

You can also look for accessories like a container brush and nut wrench. The Rinse-O-Matic design of the Vitamix commercial blender helps remove the container easily for easy transfer of food. The container brush is used to scrub tough residue and clean better. With the nut wrench, you can easily remove and replace the faulty nut without spending dollars on a replacement.

Snowmaster supply a massive range of Industrial Blenders & Beverage equipment with delivery across Australia.