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Tre Spade has designed a mechanism that is precise, reliable, and functional. Their meat mincers and sausage fillers are popular. Tre Spade is currently the benchmark in the kitchen machine field. With quality as the main focus, attention to detail is always done by this brand. 

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Tre Spade always prioritizes product quality. With a focus on detail, Tre Spade proved that only the best of things last. Tre Spade has various types of machines that are constantly updated so that they are in line with technological developments. Tre Spade always gives the best to customers who have given their trust.


Tre Spade Sausage Filler

Making sausages manually is challenging and time-consuming. You need a special tool to get the best results, Tre Spade Sausage Filler. This tool is designed to get work done faster. It consists of several parts, a reservoir, a solid pressure plate to a tube. After filling the reservoir with minced meat, lower the pressure plate. This will press the meat and push it through the filling tube.


At the end of the tube, attach the casing for the sausage. The process of filling sausages is faster with Tre Spade Sausage Filler. Your restaurant can make a large number of delicious sausages with minimum effort. Tre Spade Sausage Filler has a stainless steel cylinder that is easy to clean. All Tre Spade sausage fillers have a silicone gasket to prevent leakage during filling.


Tre Spade Meat Mincer

Meat Mincer allows you to grind meat using only one tool. Meat Mincer is usually used to make minced meat from whole cuts of meat so that the product is free of tendons, cartilage, and other tough parts. This is a safe, clean and effective way to get either pure or mixed minced meat. You are also safer because you don’t have to use knives or other sharp and dangerous tools.


Tre Spade Meat Mincer makes it easy for you to get ground beef with the push of a button. The capacity of meat obtained per hour is also quite a lot. The result is also more homogeneous. Tre Spade Meat Mincer has plates and blades made of stainless steel. After 1 hour of use, the cooling process is faster.