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Established in 1961, Robot-Coupe manufactures commercial kitchen equipment in France. The company uses its expertise and know-how to constantly offer world-class culinary solutions to different types of local cuisine. The products designed by Robot Coupe guarantee the highest level of quality and durability. The equipment are backed with the latest technology and ensure efficiency.

At Snowmaster, we believe in offering high-performance products designed to assure the durability and maintenance of the products. Customer satisfaction is our priority! Scroll below to check out Robot Coupe products available at Snowmaster.

Commercial Stick Blenders

Commercial stick blenders available at Snowmaster are used by various food establishment to prepare whipping cream, butter, batter, and more. It makes the cooking task easy for you and your staff. Our range of commercial blenders manufactured by Robot Coupe is extremely powerful but lightweight at the same. Hence, these magic wands are easy to handle. When you purchase a commercial stick blender, you can easily finish up your blending tasks quickly than with a hand mixer or beater. The units we offer from Robot Coupe are standard and light-duty and come with different speed settings so, you can purchase the best blender based on your kitchen requirement.

Commercial Planetary Mixers

Robot Coupe commercial planetary mixers are made with the best quality material and are extremely durable. These planetary mixers are designed with an offset shaft that revolves inside the mixing bowl while the bowl itself remains stills for better mixing. This way, the machine can easily reach flour, sugar, and butter inside the bowl without leaving any unmixed ingredients. Choose a mixer based on your restaurant requirement. Invest in a light, medium, or heavy-duty applications planetary mixer depending on your kitchen workload and how frequently you’ll use it. These mixers are available with different speed settings so that you can mix your daily baking and cooking items and prepare bread dough, smooth cake batter, or soft mashed potatoes without any hassle.

Commercial Food Processor

A commercial food processor manufactured by Robot Coupe available at Snowmaster helps you process your food in a desired capacity and style based on your kitchen requirement. Right from cutting potatoes and grating cheese to chopping leaves, our stainless-steel food processor will assist you in preparing all of your ingredients quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for batch bowls, combination processors, or continuous feed units, we’ve got it all. Purchase a light-duty model if you have an occasional grating task, or invest in a heavy-duty processor if you require making sausage or chopping potatoes. You can easily cut and blend all your ingredients in our food processor.

Commercial Juicers

Robot Coupe offers a range of high-quality and durable commercial juicers. A well-working juice machine is essential for your food establishment as it saves a huge amount of time and makes the best juice. Snowmaster offers a huge collection of commercial juicers at pocket-friendly prices. Commercial juicers or juice extractors help you serve your customers with fresh-made juices, vegetable-based beverages, and lemonade. You can quickly extract fruits and vegetable juice with the help of a juicing machine without requiring much effort from your kitchen staff. Serve your guests with nutritious smoothies and healthy drinks with a Robot Coupe juicer. Commercial juicers available at Snowmaster can be used to extract juices from tropical fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and green vegetables at your juice station or health kitchen. Choose between a heavy-duty extractor or a light-duty juicer machine based on your restaurant requirement.