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Snowmaster offers benchtop commercial catering equipment at reasonable prices. Our Robalec soup warmers and electric rice cookers for restaurants are made with top quality materials and are safe to use. You can easily prepare rice dishes and soups with these equipment. Robalec is a commercial kitchen equipment brand under Roband Australia. Be it Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine or Indian cuisine, Roband Australia understands the need for rice preparation and provides quality solutions.


Roband Australia carefully sources a selection of commercial foodservice products that are manufactured overseas to meet the diverse needs of Australian food service establishments.

With Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other multi-cultural cuisines proving to be very popular with diners, Roband Australia recognises the need for reliable, efficient rice preparation. Robalec offers three types of rice preparation machines – three rice cookers, a rice cooker with a keep-warm function and stand-alone rice warmer. Years of research and development has culminated in machines that deliver the very best quality of steamed rice.

Rice Cookers; available in three sizes providing 30, 39 or 55 cooked rice portions, the simple one-touch operation of the Robalec rice cookers make them the ideal tool for rice production in busy establishments.

Rice Cooker & Warmer; with a 35 portion capacity and the versatility to cook and keep large volumes of cooked rice warm, the Robalec SW6000 is a must for busy food service establishments. The unit features simple one-touch operation plus automatic switch over to keep-warm function after the rice has cooked. Additionally with a thermally insulated bowl and gasket sealed lid, set and forget rice preparation becomes a reality.

The Rice Warmer; keeps rice that is already cooked, warm until it’s served. The benefit of a standalone rice warmer is that it frees up your rice cooker to enable further production of rice. The SW9600 has a large 55 portion capacity so it’s possible to have large volumes of rice available for your peak periods.

The Soup Kettle; will always be a much-loved menu choice for Australians, particularly in winter. Robalec offers stylish soup kettles for attractively displaying and marketing your soup to customers whilst keeping it at the desired serving temperature. With a large 10.8 litre capacity and power-saving design, the Robalec Soup Kettle is right at home in any commercial situation.

Robalec manufactures three types of rice preparation machines – rice cookers, rice cooker and warmers, and rice warmers. With their years of research and development, they are able to produce high-quality rice cookers and warmers for their customers.

  • Robalec Rice Cookers – These are available in three sizes (30, 39 or 55) and has an easy-to-operate one-touch operation for faster rice cooking.
  • Robalec Rice Cooker & Warmer – It comes with a 35 portion capacity and can easily cook and keep large volumes of cooked rice warm for a longer duration. It has a one-touch operation and an automatic switch to turn on the warmer as soon as the rice is cooked. It has a thermally insulated bowl and a gasket-sealed lid.
  • Robalec Soup Kettle – Robalec produces stylish soup kettles for attractively displaying soups and other hot liquids. It keeps the soup warm for a longer duration and has a capacity of 10.8 litres.

Commercial Rice Cookers

Robalec rice cookers are perfect for any commercial kitchen. It is designed smartly, comes with a one-touch operation, automatic shut-off option, and trouble-free service. If you run a multi-cuisine food establishment like Korean cuisine, Japanese hibachi grill, a Chinese buffet, or a sushi place, producing a large amount of rice is a daily task. Investing in a commercial rice cooker will help you increase your production and help you cater to larger guests. What’s more? You can cook other things in a rice cooker like oats or other breakfast options. No need to worry about burning or overcooking as Robalec rice cookers come with an automatic shut-down feature. These rice cookers are available in convenient sizes that can easily fit on your countertop, leaving you more space in your kitchen. Thinking about where to buy the best quality commercial rice cookers, warmers, and containers? Snowmaster has a large selection of commercial rice cookers and warmers available at the lowest price.

Commercial Soup Kettles

Robalec soup kettles are perfect for every commercial kitchen in Australia. Choose from a variety of models of different capacities, styles, and colours to find the best soup kettle for your needs. A commercial soup warmer is a great soup holding equipment for your restaurant, cafeteria, and buffet. You can even use it to keep freshly cooked soups, stews, sauces, and nacho cheese warm and above danger zone temperatures. It is designed in a cylindrical shape that’s ideal for liquid-based foods because the rounded edges prevent contents from becoming stuck in corners. Robalec soup kettles at Snowmaster are compact and can be conveniently set on your countertop. You can easily place these warmers out in the dining room and ask your guests and customers to serve themselves. Or, simply use it in the back-of-house to fill orders. Invest in a model that comes with a complete set, including serving ladles, drains, and other special features. Thinking about where to buy the best commercial soup warmers and kettle in Australia? Browse our Robalec soup warmer along with other catering equipment available online.