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NOAW Slicers

Noaw is a leading manufacturer of professional slicing machines with over 40 years’ experience. Its Italian manufacturing facility is equipped with the most technologically advanced production machinery and processes so as to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of slicers available. The Company’s mission focuses on the quality of production and an in-depth understanding of end-user needs. This provides a solid foundation from which Noaw delivers the most innovative solutions for every slicing need.

Roband Australia has represented Noaw throughout Australasia for more than 20 years. With more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of foodservice equipment, Roband Australia fully supports the Noaw product portfolio and provides a full range of spare parts and service agents for the range throughout the region.

Noaw slicers feature a robust high-quality aluminium body, a built-in sharpening head with durable aluminium cover and a full blade edge ring-guard for complete protection, even while cleaning. There is a rear blade deflection cover for consistent product positioning and cleaner operation. The precise slice thickness adjustment knob is graduated in millimetres. There is a spiked meat grip for firm control of the food product.

The range includes a machine for all applications:

  • Medium-Duty Manual Feed Slicers – 220mm blade, 250mm blade, 300mm blade
  • Heavy-Duty Manual Feed Slicers – 250mm blade, 300mm blade, 350mm blade
  • Manual Vertical Slicer 300mm blade
  • Manual Gravity Feed Gear Driven Slicer 350mm blade
  • Semi-automatic Slicer 350mm blade
  • Fully Automatic Slicer 350mm blade
  • Flywheel Range including;
  • Retro Flywheel Slicers in red and black with matching cast iron stands
  • Traditional Flywheel Slicers in red and black with matching cast iron stands
  • Heritage Flywheel Slicer in red with a matching cast iron stand