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Noaw is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional slicing machines all over Australia. The brand is in the market for more than 40 years. This Italian brand produces the most technologically advanced production machinery and processes to guarantee the best quality, reliability, and durability of slicers available. The brand focuses more on the quality of production and a deeper understanding of end-user needs. This provides a solid foundation that lets the brand delivers the most innovative solutions for every slicing need.

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A famous Australian brand called Roband has represented Noaw throughout Australasia for more than 20 years. Roband Australia in the business since the past 50 years’ and have experienced the manufacture and supply of food service equipment. Hence the brand supports the Noaw product portfolio and offers a full range of spare parts and service agents for the range throughout the region. Noaw slicers are made with a high-quality aluminium body, a built-in sharpening head with durable aluminium cover, and a full blade edge ring-guard for 100% protection during cleaning.

The Noaw meat slicer range includes a machine for all applications:

  • Medium-Duty Manual Feed Slicers – 220mm blade, 250mm blade, 300mm blade
  • Heavy-Duty Manual Feed Slicers – 250mm blade, 300mm blade, 350mm blade
  • Manual Vertical Slicer 300mm blade
  • Manual Gravity Feed Gear Driven Slicer 350mm blade
  • Semi-automatic Slicer 350mm blade
  • Fully Automatic Slicer 350mm blade

A commercial meat slicer for commercial catering is the right choice for anyone who needs to save time during the tiring slicing and cutting process. The possibility of slicing a huge amount of meat with precision makes your meat slicers a must-have for all your clients that want to collaborate via quality and efficiency, eliminating waste permanently, and more.

Snowmaster commercial meat slicers range by Noaw is designed for those who work in the commercial food industry. Every branch of catering requires a need to cut different types of food and meat. Our meat slicers sourced from Noaw ensure quality cuts and a high level of safety at affordable prices. Whether you are working in a small kitchen or the processing the hustle of a takeaway, a high-quality slicing machine is required to make the food preparation process a little quick and increase performance and efficiency. Please remember that cutting and slicing operation can also be very unsafe if done without the correct instruments. Our commercial meat slicers comply with the safety parameters and are constructed with anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials to prevent the decline of the parts and eliminate the formation of bacteria and moulds.

Snowmaster offers a huge variety of meat slicing, meat mincing, and food preparation equipment that will have your commercial kitchen operating at its best. Check out our entire range here.