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Hallde is in business for 80 years and is currently one of the leading companies around the world manufacturing and delivering commercial food processors to commercial kitchens. Hallde food preparation machines at Snowmaster guarantee quality and durability. The brand manufactures high-quality food processing units, including vegetable preparation machines, combi cutters, vertical cutter mixer/ blenders, and blenders. They believe in delivering outstanding quality, exemplary safety, user-friendly design solutions with great ergonomics, wide preparation range, very high capacity, perfect cutting results, fast and easy cleaning, steady operating position, and easy moving and practical storing.

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Why choose Hallde commercial food processors?

The brand offers an exclusive range of food processing units and cutting tools. The equipment is fast and easy to clean, save time, guarantee quality and ensure safety. Each food processing unit manufactured by Hallde is equipped with an efficient start/ stop function, and the design has a precise and clean cut. You can easily move and store these units in your commercial kitchen. If you own a commercial food establishment in Australia, and are looking for commercial food processors fit for slicing, dicing, shredding, grating, and cutting julienne, browse our range of Hallde food processors at Snowmaster.

Hallde range of products at Snowmaster

Are you searching for a commercial-grade food processor for your restaurant, dinner, canteen, café, bakery, or food truck in Australia? Browse our range of Hallde food processors available in different styles, configurations, and sizes, all of which are designed to serving guests efficiently. Whether you’re chopping potatoes, cutting leaves, or grating cheese, a stainless-steel food processor from Snowmaster will help you get done with all of your ingredients quickly and efficiently! We source a wide range of models, including batch bowls, combination processors, and continuous feed units for your commercial kitchen needs. Choose a light-duty model for the occasional grating task, or invest in a heavy-duty processor for preparing sausage or chopping potatoes.

These commercial food processors manufactured by Hallde help you cut and blend all kinds of ingredients so you can concentrate on other kitchen tasks. A commercial food processor is perfect for any type of restaurant or foodservice business since they are extremely helpful. Our range of food processors is sourced from leading kitchen brands, like Hallde, so, you can stay assured of quality and durability. Invest in a stainless-steel commercial-grade food processor based on the desired capacity and style to suit your volume of orders.

Snowmaster supply a massive range of commercial cooking equipment to food establishments in Australia. Don’t forget to browse our entire range of food processing equipment here.