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Grange is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Australia. Snowmaster brings you an exclusive range of Grange products, including commercial blenders, commercial juicers, vacuum sealers, commercial milkshake maker, food wrapping machine, meat slicer, planetary mixers and more.

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Grange products at Snowmaster

Take a look at the following Grange products for sale available at Snowmaster:

Commercial Juicers

Invest in high-quality and durable commercial juicer machine to cut down cost Andy save time. If you’re thinking about where to buy commercial juicers in Australia, we at Snowmaster offer a huge collection of Grange commercial juicers. Choose electric juicers for quick extraction of fruits and vegetable juice without requiring much effort from your staff. Whether you want to make healthy smoothies or a mocktail, a commercial juicer is all you need. Quickly extract juices from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and various vegetables at your juice bar or restaurant.

Commercial Blenders

Snowmaster brings you a full range of blenders and food blenders from Grange. Grange blenders come with electronic controls, paddle or toggle switches, and are able to blend smoothies, mix up cocktails with bar drink mixes, and more. Make thick smoothies, yummy soups, frozen cocktails, and much more with our range of commercial blenders. These blenders are compact and take a little space in your restaurant kitchen. These blenders are reliable and durable, and can easily break down hard foods like chocolate chips, almonds, and ice. Choose from small commercial blender for light-duty blending, or larger capacity blenders for high-volume demand. These blenders are easy to remove, clean, and re-attach the jars.

Commercial Milkshake Makers

Serve your guests creamy and thick milkshakes with the help of our range of commercial milkshake makers at Snowmaster. We source our top-grade milkshake machines from leading brands like Grange, so you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability. Our range of Grange milkshake machines provide quick results and are reliable, powerful and easy to use. These units are super compact, that means you can easily install them on your counter, depending on the kitchen space you have accessible. These machines come with speed options, so, you have control over how thick or thin the final product is.

Vacuum Sealers

Buy the best quality commercial Vacuum sealer sourced from top brands like Grange. These vacuum sealers remove air from your packaging bags and create a tight seal to keep your food fresher and more flavorful. You can easily store your food as fresh as possible with our Grange commercial vacuum sealer. Sealed products can last 3 to 5 times longer than regularly packed food items. Vacuum seals various kinds of foods for storage or sous vide recipes.

Food Wrapping Machines

Are you looking for commercial food wrapping machine that allows you to wrap and store your food easily and safely? Snowmaster offers you Grange food wrapping machines that are made of stainless steel and aluminium, making them durable, long-lasting. These wrapping machines allow you to increase the shelf life of your vegetables, meats, and other food. Grange high quality and durable food wrapping machines are perfect for food establishments looking for an effortless way to wrap meats and cheeses.

Planetary Mixers

Our range of best-quality commercial food preparation equipment at Snowmaster includes commercial planetary mixers by Grange. Grange planetary mixers are designed in such a manner that allows it to reach flour, sugar, and butter in all parts of the bowl and mixing adequately. Choose from light, medium, or heavy-duty applications depending on your kitchen requirement and how frequently you’ll use it.