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Commercial Juicers are necessary for any food establishment that serves fresh juices to their customers. Snowmaster offers an exclusive range of commercial juicers sourced from Ceado, and the units are fast and easy to clean and are perfect for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, and other businesses that want to provide healthy fruit juices instead of other sugary beverages. Shop now!

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Established in 1952, Ceado was found by Egidio Girardi, who was learning the art of making coffee grinders in Venice. Today, the brand continues to design its products to serve the food industry across the globe. Their Italian craftsmanship ensures the quality and durability of the products. Over 50 years of Italian ingenuity and well-organized production makes the brand a point of reference in the beverage Equipment sector. They manufacture and supply coffer grinders and commercial juicers.

A high-quality and durable juicer machine is essential for your food establishment since it is a cost-and time-effective choice. If you’re thinking where to buy commercial juicers in Australia, we at Snowmaster offer a huge collection of commercial juicers at pocket-friendly prices. Commercial juicers or juice extractors make it easy to serve your customers with fresh-made juices, lemonade, and vegetable-based beverages. Electric juicers can quickly extract fruits and vegetable juice without requiring much effort from your employees. You can even make nutrient-packed smoothies or healthy drinks for your customers.

Ceado commercial juicers can be used to extract juices from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and various vegetables at your juice bar or health club. You can either select a heavy-duty extractor for your restaurant if your experience high demand for juices and smoothies, or simply buy a light-duty juicer machine for less frequent use.

Ceado Product Range at Snowmaster

Commercial Citrus Juicer

Ceado offers citrus juicer that is perfect for offering your customers top-quality freshly squeezed juice in seconds. The product ensures performance and reliability with as it is equipped with alloy motor housing and fan-cooled asynchronous motor with safety cut-out. The two interchangeable reamers of Ceado citrus juicer are designed to gently squeeze citrus fruit of any size without removing the bitter parts of the rind. The juicer has a wide section of the pouring spout, which makes dispensing of the juice quickly and makes cleaning easy. All the parts that are involved in squeezing out the juice are easily removable and dishwasher safe.

Commercial Centrifugal Juicer

At Snowmaster, we bring you the latest generation of juice extractor from Ceado. Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer”, the juice obtained from a centrifugal juicer is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste. The unit is easy to clean with no tool required. The grating disc and mesh filter of Ceado commercial centrifugal juicer are designed to gently extract the fruit juices, guaranteeing maximum performance with leafy vegetables. The material and the design of the motor’s cover produces less noise, guaranteeing a pleasant environment for both customers and operators.

Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Commercial cold press juicer from Ceado guarantees optimal yield, richness and consistency of juice. The juicer has a combination of the angles of the flaps on the auger and the design of the mesh which makes it efficient for any juice bar, hotel, or restaurant. It has innovative anti-block mesh filter and a powerful motor that make it perfect for continuous juicing. The unit produces lesser noise and is easy to clean and store.