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A meat slicer for commercial catering is the right choice for anyone who needs to speed up the slicing and cutting process. The possibility of slicing large amounts of meat with precision makes our Noaw meat slicers a must-have for every restaurant in Australia that wants to combine quality and efficiency, eliminating waste permanently, regardless the frequency of use.

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Noaw commercial meat slicers at Snowmaster are designed for those who work in the commercial food industry. In all the branches of catering, there is a need to cut many different types of food and meat. Noaw meat slicers ensure quality cuts and a high level of safety at affordable prices. Be it working in a small kitchen or the confusion of a takeaway, a high-quality slicing machine is required to speed the food preparation process and increase performance and efficiency.

Cutting and slicing operation can also be very dangerous if done without the correct instruments. All Noaw commercial meat slicers comply with the safety parameters and are constructed with anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials to prevent the deterioration of the parts and eliminate the formation of bacteria and moulds. At Snowmaster, we offer a variety of meat slicing, meat mincing, and food preparation equipment that will have your commercial kitchen operating at its best.