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Having a range of commercial food cutting range in your restaurant is necessary. Snowmaster brings you a range of quality food cutting tools sourced from one of the leading commercial kitchen brands in Australia – Nemco. Buy now!

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Nemco food cutting tools available at Snowmaster are one of the best food-processing tools, equipped with four speeds and the functionality to assist vegetable-prep and blending capabilities into one dynamic unit. These units also come with speed-to-torque engineering works fast while reducing stress on both the food and the blades for effective food integrity and long service life. Ideal for dicing fruits and vegetables, our fruit and vegetable cutting tools are convenient to keep in your commercial kitchen. You can easily core and slice apples for pies, pit avocados, and scoop melon balls for summer salads. Our tools are designed for a variety of fruits and vegetables so you can prepare all of your signature dishes. If you’re thinking about where to buy commercial food cutting tools, we have a large selection of food cutting tools at Snowmaster. Each tool at Snowmaster is designed to cut, peel, core, or slice fruits and vegetables safely and efficiently. These tools are ideal for busy kitchen environments. Are you looking for another type of slicer? You might be interested in our meat slicers.