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A busy commercial kitchen requires opening 10-15 cans in a day. At Snowmaster, we offer you the Nemco Commercial Can Opener which is a very durable tool. One of the best parts of working in restaurant, café or takeaway is making your work easy with the help of the heavy-duty tools and equipment, one of which is a manual commercial grade can opener.

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A commercial can opener is just what you need when it comes to opening 10-15 cans throughout the day. A manual can opener is a kitchen tool that’ll never go out of use and style. In a commercial kitchen, manual can openers are typically put into two categories – big and small. If you are looking for heavy duty can opener, then a big manual can opener is for you. These types of can openers are capable of opening up to 40-50 cans in a day and can open cans as tall as 11 inches. Small can openers are better for smaller, lighter duty tasks since they can open up to 25 cans per day. To keep your commercial can opener last longer, always wipe it down after use to prevent grime from getting into any internal mechanisms. Check out our other commercial kitchen equipment sourced from top manufacturers in Australia.