How to Choose the Best Commercial Deep Fryer

How to Choose the Best Commercial Deep Fryer

Did you know that the average Australian spends $90 on fast food alone every month? A large share of these foods includes chips, chicken fingers, and other varieties of fried chicken.

The numbers show that you are on the right track if you are thinking about investing in fast foods. But before you start planning on enticing customers with crisp fried chicken, you need to get the equipment right.

The fryer is a big deal for any fried foods joints. It can either make or break your operations. To find the best commercial deep fryer, you must separate the wheat from the chaff. It might be a challenging exercise if you are not familiar with deep fryers.

So, how can you choose a reliable commercial deep fryer for your establishment? Here are some tips that can help you make the right choice.

Common Types of Commercial Fryers

Before settling for a particular commercial deep fryer, think about what you will be frying. These types of equipment come in several common categories, which include;

Open-Vat Fryers

Open-vat fryers are user-friendly types of equipment. Their open designs allow the chef to lower metallic food baskets into the heated oil. Once they are cooked, the operator can pull the basket up and let it drain the oil.

These fryers are versatile. You can use them for frying onion rings, chips, and other foods. Open-vat fryers are effective in a commercial setting because they have short cook times.

If your café experience high customer traffic, the pieces of equipment will deliver a quick turnaround. As a result, you can serve many customers at a go.

Additionally, open-vat fryers tend to keep the oil clean for longer. And they are easy to clean and maintain.

Open-vat fryers come in different sizes and capacities. You can also choose between the gas or electricity options. If you prefer versatile equipment for your business, buying an open-vat commercial deep fryer could be a great investment.

Tube-Type Fryers

Tube-type fryers are designed with heavy frying in mind. They are the most common types of fryers in busy fast-food restaurants.

Some of their desirable features include a wide cold zone. Its purpose is to capture the potential fall-off.

If you are more interested in the breaded menu, tube-type fryers are ideal for your business. Part of this is because they are sediment-friendly. They will collect food sediment with utmost ease, and they will not burn it in the process.

Tube-type fryers alleviate the concern of transferring unwanted flavours to cooked food. On top of that, they do not speed up the deterioration of cooking oil or carbonize it.

Bench Top Fryers

Bench top fryers are small and ideal for eateries without a heavy frying menu. They occupy less space and use little amounts of cooking oil. Some of these fryers are easy to move from one section of the kitchen to another.

Flat-Bottom Deep Fryers

A flat-bottom fryer could be necessary if you plan to include battered or doughy foods on your menu. However, you could also use it to deep-fry battered onion rings, fish, or chicken.

The Quantity of Food You Intend to Fry

The amount of food you intend to fry within a day will determine your choice of a deep fryer. Most manufacturers size their frying equipment in pounds of fries per hour. They attribute this to the fact that French fries make the largest share of fried foods in restaurants.

If you have a slight idea of how many kilograms of foods you fry in every shift, you can estimate the size of deep fryer you need. While at it, ensure you factor in the peak hours and holidays.

The objective is to satisfy the demand for fried foods at any given time and fulfil all your customer orders in good time.

Number of Fryers

You will undoubtedly need to fry and serve a variety of foods, but the problem is that you cannot rely on one fryer to cook all the food.

For instance, you will not fry fish and chicken in the same cooking oil. Otherwise, you risk transferring undesired flavours. If you have a rich menu with vegetables, meats, and seafood, you will need at least three different fryers.

On the other hand, if you intend only to sell chips and chicken, one high-capacity fryer will handle the bulk.

Electric or Gas Deep Fryer

Your preferred energy source will also determine the type of fryer you need. You will have to factor in your location and average utility costs. Your option will be to pick a gas or electric fryer at this juncture.

Gas fryers heat up quickly when compared to their electric counterparts. However, the price of natural gas in your locale should inform your decision. Hence, you can choose a fryer that will make more business sense.

On the flip side, electric fryers heat up gradually. But when they reach their peak, they maintain the heat more effectively than their gas counterparts. Since you only need to plug them into a power source, you can move them from one section to another.

You can only put them in one location adjacent to the gas lines with gas fryers.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of energy can easily eat into your profit margins.

For this reason, you want to invest in an energy-efficient frying unit. The ultimate objective is to keep your overheads low.


The technology behind fryers is quickly changing. As a result, you need to think of the person operating your frying equipment.

If you don’t want to employ many workers, go for a highly automated unit.

Price of the Fryer

When choosing a piece of commercial equipment, you need to consider your budget. Pick a unit that you can afford.

But if your business demands a bigger and more powerful fryer, you can look at other financing options.

Get the Best Commercial Deep Fryer for your Establishment

If your business will rely heavily on a commercial deep fryer, you cannot gamble on the quality and size of this equipment. Purchase a unit that meets all the parameters of your business.

Are you looking for the best commercial deep fryer? We sell a variety of kitchen equipment in Australia. Contact us today, and we will recommend a suitable fryer for your business.